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Oct 28, 2019
May 7, 2007
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Oct 28, 2019
    1. Silke
      I would not mind that at all. Unfortunatly I do not feel unwell that often. :D
    2. Silke
      *gg* Never thought of myself as a person who loves it sparkling. What a nice surprise. :) The ring is also somehow like an accupunture ring, because feeling it on my finger this morning made me feel totally well again. Amazing. Could be my really lucky ring. :D
    3. Silke
      It is my first Swarovski and I think I am also hooked now. :D It is so nice to look at.
    4. Silke
      I read somewhere that it is brass, which I thought it looked like when I bought it, didn't ask, with a Swarovski chessboard patterned crystal. Yours looks silver, am I right? Just to make sure. :) (I am back to constant log in failures, which might have something to do with the weather ;), glad I can post this. :))
    5. JoyDiv007
      It was great meeting you and I will post the photo soon.
    6. Silke
      Thank you for sharing the picture. This is very nice jewellery! :)

      I wanted to reply yesterday, but during the past week I have had problems to log in, which means that I keep getting this "you have failed to log in 5 times" message. I tend to regard it as something trying to tell me to just keep shut up, not sure why I should do so about your nice jewellery though.
      This is the ring I got:
      The stone of the original is nicer than the picture. I got it because I found that it matches my hair so nicely. :D ;)
    7. El Manzo
      El Manzo
      Ok, no problem :D:D:D
    8. El Manzo
      El Manzo
      I had a dream about Sandra Bullock. It seemed so real: she was talking to me about lottery numbers. I have to pay a small tribute to her with the avatar. And try to remember those bloody numbers :D Lottery in italy has reached 100.000.000 € last sunday :eek:
    9. someofusisturningnasty
      saw leonard last night...absolutely amazing. that man is incredible and so damn sexy as well. are you seeing him?
    10. *EqualOpportunityHater*
      Got it. I hardly ever go on there also.. only keep it up to stay in touch with some people, sucks otherwise.

      Those flowers are so pretty, this time of year rocks! ^_^
    11. *EqualOpportunityHater*
      Yeah, love it!.. also love the pics you posted in that Moz wallpaper thread =)

      Did you delete your MySpace??? =/
    12. vivabob
      well tttthhhhhhaankkkkk you .... i miss you on it ..
    13. vivabob
      where has your myspace gone ??????????/
    14. Cassius
      Oh I'll try, but I'm not promising anything. :D
    15. Cassius
      Thank you EP! :)
    16. CeciDeMorrissey
      Lindaaaaa, gracias EP! Yo siempre veo, pero escribo poco, ya no tengo tiempo! Pero sigo amando a Morrissey locamente :D Muchisimas gracias, estoy muy contenta con tu saludo :)
    17. boltkit
      haha!! yes! infact, when he accepted it on stage, he said, "very funny! thank you..." ;) hehe! i'm glad he enjoyed it. what was even cuter, though, is after he set it up infront of the drumset like he does with any of his gifts, all of the other band members kept casually walking over to look at it... :D
    18. boltkit
      thank you! :) yes, my avatar is from a drawing i recently gave to Morrissey, actually (handed it to him as a gift in Kansas City). you can view it here: http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/7994/sisms.jpg also posted it in the artwork thread on the boards. :D
    19. sistasheila
      great!have fun....hope your husband enjioys morrissey too;-) have you been to vienna before? its beautiful...
    20. sistasheila
      wheelchair...places for disabled persons..
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