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  • I'd say 12 weeks, but you'd need to eat a lot of wool. Or a llama.

    EP DON'T DO THAT! :tears:
    yeah sorry about that :o but that is good news for you both. if i wasn't off work and its raining i wouldn't of know!
    so, everything going well. did you have a scan yet? any cravings? :)
    I was reading some dullards thread and the only interesting thing to come out of it was that you are expecting a baby :) lovely news. best wishes to you and your husband. Now take it easy and stuff.
    Oi, you are pregnant? Since when? I am impressed, one day you mention that you'd like to be and the next you are? Well, all right, there are weeks in between I read this... Congratulations!
    well ive seen it before the girls like to get pregnant at around the same time, and the guys well, ive noticed they like to get their dui's all around the same time too.
    My gigs (in chronological order :) )
    -De La Soul :lbf:
    -Arctic Monkeys
    -Franz Ferdinand
    -Depeche Mode
    -Rammstein 7x(!)

    I'm getting tired just looking at the list! :p

    And yes, Africa. I always wanted to go there and now the time has come. :cool:

    Oh, I'm fine! Very busy especially with going to other concerts. I have 17 (!) concerts to go to until the end of the year, and only one of those is Moz. :blushing:
    I'm not a fan of Leonard Cohen myself but he's written some of the most beautiful songs.
    Most of them I only know as cover versions. :o
    And I just booked a trip to Africa for March/April next year. Going to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. really looking forward to that!! :D


    thanks, I haven't been around for a while.
    I had a bit of a Morrissey overdose. :p
    So I focused on my other musical interests for a bit. :)
    But I'll be checking the forum a bit more from now on, with all the new dates/concerts that are popping up.

    How have you been?

    ...My computer has finally accepted to show me the bday picture! Awwwwwwwwwwwww.But it's artistic, EP!:lbf:
    Nonsense :) I can't imagine anything picked by you to be tasteless. Impossible. I'm sure I'd loved it anyway, if there were cakes and dogs!:guitar:
    nice! i ran like 3 blocks and wanted to die. running is gonna be a tough thing to get going for me.
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