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Aug 8, 2019
May 18, 2008
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emma1979 was last seen:
Aug 8, 2019
    1. karriemoz
      hi Emma! Just wanted to tell you I'm loving your new avatar! Wish I knew HOW I could make one for myself! :(
    2. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Yeah, well spotted, it was taken at The RUSI Library, London, June 22, 2004! :thumb:
      :horny: :lbf:
    3. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Yes, I am, in June. :thumb:
    4. karriemoz
      Noooo, I am American, live in NEW England, the state of New Hampshire--very isolated up here!
    5. emma1979
      no i have a irish heart not english thalk god hate them hope are nt british
    6. karriemoz
      Are you of Irish blood and English heart like SPM?! :)
    7. karriemoz
      Yeah, I do have a myspace pg but I barely go on it! I don't have my own home computer ; need to go to my local library to use=where I am currently writing you from! Whereabouts are you? I'm up in the northeast where it's cold & snowy! Will be seeing Moz in concert for 4th time in a few wks time! YAY!
    8. karriemoz
      Yes, I love Maine Coons, beautiful breed! used to have one, he lived to be 16yrs old! Died of merely old age! WOW I feel special! A newbie Moz fan! Been 6 long yrs for me, I wish I'd known of him sooner like in my teens would've been nice :), I was a lonely, depressed gal who always had her pets to keep her company--human r/s are overrated! Another reason I luv Moz so much= his compassion for the creatures of this world who are w/o a voice :D ---Kar
    9. karriemoz
      WOW! Ur fast!
    10. karriemoz
      hi emma1979! I assume you are a '79 born mozette like myself?! :) I too luv kitties! In fact, I am a cat tech at my local SPCA. I am also friends w/ oyeterence which is how I found you on here. I saw the 1979 + cat pics and knew I had to write to you and ask for a friend request! :) So when will you be turning the big 3-0 this yr? How long have you been into Moz The Cat? lol. Hope to hear back from you sometime. Take care, Karrie
    11. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Hi, Emma. :)
      Will you be going to any gigs?
    12. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Pinkpop (the Netherlands), Brussels and Lille.
    13. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Yes I have. Twice in 2006, and once last year.
    14. Cosey Mo
      Cosey Mo
      Thanks for the request! :sweet:
      Do those sweethearts in your album belong to you? :love:
      I am also a cat lover. ;)
    15. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      its important to laugh @ threads like the one someone just made about you in OT, remember, some people are just having you on :straightface:
      & others really need help :crazy:
    16. alma matters
      alma matters
      No, I did not.
    17. emma1979
      i havent heard the album yet. say it will be great...
    18. northernleech
      it was a good weekend - enjoyed cork more cos it was indoors (kinda) but the new york dolls were great in dublin ! didn't like dublin as a city though - temple bar was just full of pissed stag/hen parties ! cannot afford the trip across to ireland in 2009 but i am going to stirling , glasgow x2 and hartlepool so far ! do you like the new album ?
    19. HIM
      no problem. great posts.
    20. I am a Ghost
      I am a Ghost
      That's great, Emma.
      I was only being the slightest bit sarcastic in my previous statement :)
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