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  • Thank you echobay for the bday wish! heh, heh welcome to the 30 club indeed! yeah, I don't LOOK or feel my age though! ;) Wanna befriends?!
    Aw, thanks EB, that's sweet. He's feeling a bit better but his allergies are the pits so early Spring is rough on him. I have found such great pics on here - glad you liked the cap and coat one. (Heh - just realized I replied on my own message thread until I realized how to properly respond).
    Oh wow, the 31st of March already. I am happy for you; I know how stressful ticket hunting can be, and therefore I have been praying along with you.
    I'll be going to the show in Antwerp, so I'll have to wait longer. When I think of it alone, my heart starts beating like a drum.
    Good luck then, and a happy belated birthday. :)
    It was nice to meet you.
    Hello there :)
    Just click 'multi' for the messages you'd like to quote, then finally 'quote' for the final message you are quoting. I hope that this makes sense. :o
    BTW, you are right, the colour of his hair is confusing me too.
    I can remember you were so nervous to get tickets. Did you get them? *hopes so*
    Hi echobay,

    As you are one of my eight friends in this forum I’m sending this link specially to you It is found originally on the artwork thread.

    I have post a video on Youtube called “On the Rampart of the Verandah”, it is a little pointless and bore, I know. But at some moment it seems to me necessary to do it.
    This video is something which I still couldn’t classify. Image produces the word that produces image! The song on this video is "Moonriver" incomparably sung by Morrissey. But please don't get too much inspired! Light still shines somewhere
    I hope you enjoy it somehow.

    Here is the link:

    hi Echobay,

    sorry for taking a so long time to start writing to you :) but I was on a business travel. I find you message on this forum very relevant, 'cause if what you want is friends you have to ask for it. but unfortunatelly in real life i know (and how I know) it is not so easy or so simple. We need so much courage!!!
    So do you live on Ontario?
    I hope you write me back!
    see you later!
    Hi there echobay,

    Thank you very much. It really means a lot to me when my fellow Morrissey fans appreciate my drawings. I'm from Fife. I don't know how well you know Scotland but Fife is on the other side of the River Fourth. So in order to get to Edinburgh, we have to either drive across the Fourth road bridge or get a train over the Railway Bridge. It’s not a very exciting place.

    Thanks again for your kind words. :)
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