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Apr 25, 2006
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Member, from las vegas, via carolina

drifter was last seen:
Feb 18, 2020 at 5:36 AM
    1. The Boy Racer
      The Boy Racer
      Is your site still up?
      1. drifter
        no my friend. the links expired long time ago and its been so long sinse ive uploaded a show ive probably forgotten how to do it. ive still got all the shows listed though
        Nov 22, 2018
      2. The Boy Racer
        The Boy Racer
        No worries. Ive been outta the loop a couple years, so just going back and grabbing all the stuff i havent gotten. No biggie. Hope all is going well for you and your daughter. Talk soon.
        Nov 22, 2018
    2. whitewatersky
      check this show oout:

      You have successfully uploaded a file called 0112_181343.mp3 (50.4 MB) to sendspace.

      Use the following link to retrieve your file:


      Death On Wednesday - you might dig his voice i reckon
    3. whitewatersky
      hey there,
      any chance you could enable the download of that Red Lightning show?
    4. whitewatersky
      thanks Drifter !
      REALLY appreciate it.
      did i see that you have some Red Lightning as well ???
      that'd be awesome to get in the highest grade as possible if I may continue to bludge....?
      no worries if it's a hassle
    5. whitewatersky
      hey there,
      'I saw an archived post where you commented on an upload of the Morrissey Livid Sydney show recording
      * Morrissey - 2002 - 10-20 - Sydney, Australia - Livid Festival

      any chance you could upload/email a copy?
      it was the first time I saw Morrissey and would love a copy
      I have uploaded a torrent of his Sydney Opera House show from Dec 2012 if you're interested:
      thanks !
    6. DAVIE
      Hello Drifter....sorry about megaupload and your site mate :(
      How are you? Are you planning to redo the site or end the project?
    7. Ripper
      Would you mind possibly re-upping(?) Dublin on Oct 3rd 2002, the link on your site has disintegrated.
    8. Corrissey
    9. motorways
      any chance you can reupload this show on your mozzbozz site?
      2000 Mar 30 - Buenos Aires (Argentina), Luna Parkhttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=JBBGW5IN

      the link is dead. i recently found a cd version, but the last two tracks won't import.
      thank you.
    10. sistasheila
      hi drifter
      thnks for your help(
      btw Im not selling any items:confused: you must confuse me unfortunately:confused:
      I think you are referrring to erik
      I have never sold anything at ebay but sooner or laler will sell a few Lps and tourbooks
      his fanzines sounds interesting-as you may know im a fan of fanzines in gerneral.too...
      i think the only ones i dont have are the wilde ones ...but no fight..haha..dont have money anyway right now
    11. sistasheila
      sorry for asking you out of the blue
      sorry do you have any idea of how to copy a dvd?(i use a nero programme)
      i have to cCOPY not burn a dvd for someone so must i put both the orginal and the plain dvd in both of these cd trays At THE computer "tower" (Im not sure :there exist 2 trays maybe one comaptible for audio cds and the other only for dvds?
      im not sure if the one on top is the dvd tray or cd tray..
      or does it work differently and i d first have to put in the orginal go to copy then put out the orginal dvd and then put in the blank dvd?
      sorry but you see i have zero clue when it comes to computers thnks for helping me .
    12. drifter
      goody goody, where do i go to look for it?

      btw this is cool, never been in this neck of the woods before : )
    13. Corrissey
      hey, I posted a video dedication for ya
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