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    2011 All Star Game Tonight? - Anyone else in the US watching?

    Which is amongst the many reasons why the decision to give the winner home-field advantage in the World Series is so ridiculous.
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    Word Association Game

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    Rand Paul

    I love the founding fathers humping that goes on in certain circles. It's like they've become a code word for "my idea is good and if you don't agree you can git out"
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    The Wire

    Totally. It is one of the few television dramas that actually seem to contain a genuine understanding of the micro and macro issues that come with the decline of both the inner city and the national industrial base. The creator David Simon spent, I believe, a number of years interacting with...
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    New Forum

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    New Forum

    Common in Germany I remember. Never seen them anywhere else though. *edit* Good old Wikipedia...
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    New Forum

    Deja vu. The same outcome no doubt.
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    Rand Paul

    Beautiful summation.
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    As Richard Littlejohn might say, "you couldn't make it up (unless you write for the Daily Mail)". Chalk up another victory for mindless hysteria.
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    Rand Paul

    I can't believe there is another one to continue the deranged Paul genetic line. The internets will be again swamped by 17 year old Paultards espousing that pseudo-libertarian drivel come 2012. Dear god.
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    New Chris Morris film: Four Lions

    Well it's finally been released this week. Anybody else seen it yet? Was hoping to watch it myself but they aren't showing it here and haven't got time to make it to Manchester.
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    That is the point, there is no evidence presented at all that Mephedrone is responsible for that death and is so dangerous that criminalisation is either necessary or beneficial. Valium and alcohol is quite enough to kill someone and does kill people every year, but apparently neither of them...
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    Link? ;)
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