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  • Well I primarily meant PETER COOK but discovered the rest of them had a certain charm :p
    Jonathan Miller wasn't half bad when he was young! And Dudley was cute in a sort of....barely over 5 foot way, he's about my height....maybe that's the attraction :p
    Well, I don't post anywhere else if that matters (it does factor in!)

    I'm doing okay, yes I had a sad/mad/rough year or two, but things are looking better. My life will always have drama, no matter what! ;p

    CONGRATS on the new job and new house!! Really happy for you. :) We'll have to catch up s'more. Off to drink with my girlfriend. She's working/living in Switzerland (last 4 yrs) and is now switching jobs there to live there *gulp* permanently! She's a Chicagoan and always comes to visit but still...:(...BUT :cool: now I have somewhere to visit. I've stayed with her last year in Basel --wonderful :)

    Be well ~ thanks for the note!
    Hey, you :) I thought you'd never come back. And look at me...I've never left. :o Hope you are well!
    I'm only studying at this particular course for a year, and then I'm going to apply to Glasgow School of Art, which is notoriously difficult to get in to. But Dundee and Edinburgh also have good Art Schools which I will apply to.

    That's what most of us do! :D
    That's a pretty good idea actually. I might have to move to Dundee or Edinburugh next year, which I don't really fancy doing because my sister's moving to Glasgow and we were going to rent a flat together to save money :(

    Well, you've been away for fecking ages :p
    It is quite near to where I was before. It is lovely, I think you'd like it, it has a great music and art scene.

    No bloody wonder! Imagine how cold it is here!
    It's going very well, I've adjusted to being away from home and I'm enjoying the freedom, and yes...there has been a bit of drinking and fallling over...but just a litte bit :p

    Ah, a southern jessie like you in the North :p complaining 'bout the weather.....
    Well I'm living in Glasgow now, studying Art, I hope to be eating lots of mince pies when I get home to mu mum's house...student budget doesn't allow it :p You still in London?
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