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    Do you think Morrissey is an alcoholic?

    I decide to mosey on over to this forum on a lark and instantly find this thread. Golden stuff.
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    Morrissey autobiography bookcover revealed

    Mike would look pretty stylin' with dreads. I think the lazily left on dreads showcase the dread potential effectively.
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    Robert Downey, Jr. Is the Hotness

    I still haven't seen Iron Man 2. This needs to be remedied.
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    Morrissey autobiography bookcover revealed

    Ogod this thread. I love it. As it is 3am, the hour of the head pasting on, I bring you my contribution. SPOILER ALERT: Mike Joyce won't get any royalties from this release. A HA HA HA. i kill me. I would have used faces of other people Moz thinks he's been screwed over by, but it's 3am.
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    All things DOG thread

    6 weeks is far too young, I agree. Luckily, she did very well in the catching up department. She will be a full blown moose in no time at all. WOOP WOOP!
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    All things DOG thread

    Recently got a puppy, pitbull/somethingorother. She is dubbed Cody (or assbutt) and she is awesome. Got her at 6 weeks in early May, she's 11 or something now. She was very tiny due to being away from the tit too soon and harboring protozoa, but she's quickly catching up. May 21 With Paulie...
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    Punk on bus gets owned by 67 year old Vietnam Vet

    Punk on bus gets owned by Vulcan Starfleet Officer.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Aw yeah.
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    Barack Hussein Obama -- Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

    Dude, I wish I had a trillion dollars. I could buy a swimming pool.... no, two swimming pools!
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    Barack Hussein Obama -- Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

    It's about time I got around to using this, goddamn.
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    NME calls Morrissey "...a petulant little child..."

    Deviance Truculence Unreliability Petulance Alright, I've updated my list of traits I wish to emulate. Thanks! :thumb:
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    What will you be for Halloween this year? (If you choose to celebrate.)

    I found an absolutely amazing printable Walken mask a couple years ago and have not yet thought of a better person to masquerade as. Freddy Krueger, while certainly legendary, cannot hold a candle to dear Walken. This late reply was brought to you by Dow Jones.
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    Derek Acorah in search of Michael Jackson Spirit - Live on Sky one

    I think people should finish hunting Liberace's evasive ectoplasm before undertaking more ghostbusting.
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