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  • Hey, you! Just checking in to see if you're okay. Have you been affected by the flooding?
    Mmm. . . crab booty. . . :D

    How did Richard steal Steve's shell? I didn't know that they house-jacked other crabs. Poor Steve! All nekkid and traumatized!

    It sounds as if David and Richard are metrosexual. ;)

    When the scratches heal, I'll let you know what they look like. Amazingly enough, she scratched in between all the letters except for one.

    One of my boy cats gave me a love bite on the finger once that was hard enough to break the skin. It ended up swelling so I had to clean it with a cocktail of peroxide, surgical scrub and clorhexidine. Cats have nasty mouths.

    Declawed cats can slap pretty hard. It's amazing how loud it is when they really start wailing on something.

    And funny. :D
    How many do you have now, total? I could never keep any of mine alive for very long so I'm impressed by your crab ranching skillz. :D

    How difficult is it to catch a glimpse of a nekkid crab when they're in transition? And how long does it take for them to decide which shell they want?

    Hopefully, you'll get all the tankstuff picked out of your hand. If you can't get it out, I hope it works itself out over time. I'm just hoping that I won't have a lot of scarring through my tattoo. Bacitracin will be my friend for the next few days. That wench. :mad:

    She basically used my wrist as a springboard. She's the only cat I have that I didn't raise from a kitten so she's nowhere near as laid back as the rest of the gang. She's had two previous owners and the first owner had her front-declawed. In my work experience, cats who are front-declawed tend to bite as it's their only real defense, so I'm glad she didn't bite me instead. You know how nasty that could have been. :eek:
    Were you trying to put a tiny little dress on him? Did he break the skin? How do you sex a hermit crab, anyway?

    My emo kitteh scratches still burn but are feeling better. I slathered them with bacitracin ointment before I went to sleep. I took her to work to have her eyes looked at. She's still there. She has to have terramycin ointment put in her eyes every 4 hours so it's just easier if she's there. I don't have to look under all the furniture to try and find her.

    She's an odd kitteh.
    I would think that crab-poo-noodlies would be the best part! :p

    You could always get some of those stick-on cell phone jewels and totally bling him out. ;)

    How is wee little Crab Lawrence?
    hahaha,see if i had that shit growing on me and i couldnt remove it,i would atleast carve it into some cool designs.

    just sayin'
    oh i look forward to seeing what kind of pants you prefer,i can see them being very um er odd.
    if you come back with chinos i will be sadly disappointed
    I just can't come up with anything as funny as the picture you posted on my board. Every time I look at it I crack up.
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