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    Tix for sale RAH and Brixton (Saturday)

    Sorry, I understand now. lol. pm'ed you back.
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    Tix for sale RAH and Brixton (Saturday)

    I meant to say that I am trying to get rid of these. One is unreserved gallery at RAH, any offers? The other is standing Brixton Sat. 30th. Genuine fan owns them but cannot go through illness. I will be glad to either post them or email them.
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    Ticket for London 11th and 29 th May

    I have a ticket available for Monday 11 th May, unreserved gallery seating. The ticket is box office collection, I have the ref no. and confirmation email. I also have one standing ticket for Brixton 30th May.(not 29th,sorry) Anybody interested? The owner of these tickets is ill and can't go.
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    2nd Irish Date rumoured for 28th June

    Grief, I didn't know I was going to have to swim to get to front!
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    2nd Irish Date rumoured for 28th June

    Me foot, sure I will sipping fresh spring water and chomping on organically grown veg. As for ciggies, bound to be plenty of the herbal variety. Only wish I had a few sprogs that I could openly breast feed in the front row...
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    2nd Irish Date rumoured for 28th June

    Do ya think there will be hair braiding going on???
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    2nd Irish Date rumoured for 28th June

    Crumbs Bitch face, what took so long??? I told you about this on Monday bloody morning!!!!
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    Where do the tickets go?

    I hate SEETICKETS ,same old story, wonder how many of the staff sell on e bay?
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    Tables?He wanted me to dance on the bar! Definitely didn't look able to take my slender figure though!!
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    Tickets for Milan on sale

    Would you ever go to bed!
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    kings lynn ticket for sale

    I am going to Kings Lynn and have a spare seated ticket.Does anybody need it?I will meet at gig and hand it over,face value will do.
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    Kings Lynn

    Ok I have emailed you,if its no good please let me know,I really dont want it to go to waste or even worse a tout!
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    Kings Lynn

    If anyone is interested I have a spare ticket for Kings lynn (seated) as one of us cannot go.I paid £50 on ebay but would only want face value so if you are interested plese let me know.
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    Kings Lynn

    Well so far there are 3 0f us but I can get a minibus for 6 people if anyone else is stuck.Thought it might be of some help to someone else with difficulties getting back.Dont know why I insist on going to this one,probably cos I have the crappest seats ever for the Palladium!
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