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    What did make you smile today?

    A video of a man falling over :) Ah, the simple things...
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    Survival Game- Meat Is Murder

    the headmaster ritual- 30 (+) i want the one i can't have- 46 that joke isn't funny anymore- 23(-)
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    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    I don't know if its a bit of a dirty word around here, but Bang Bang Bang by Mark Ronson has really got me hooked recently.
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    top five 80's bands

    Why not, The Smiths David Bowie De La Soul The Cure Public Enemy 5 isn't enough =(
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    Guardian music blog article on Janice Whaley's Smiths Project

    Listening to her Panic cover now.. not really as weird or exciting as the article made it out to be, but its still good.
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    New Sandie Shaw song

    This song sounds great =) Although I gotta say.. I had my hopes high for an awful Electro-pop Gritty Reboot.
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    post a joke

    Whats Mary short for? She hasn't got any legs! Its so bad, but its my favourite.
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    Lady Gaga in meat...shame on you Morrissey

    If Morrissey wasn't a veggie, He would have done this years ago :P
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    Your latest Smiths Morrissey bargain

    I have a copy of that on Cassette that I found in a charity shop! 50p, oh yes. About a month ago I got Rank and The Queen is Dead on Vinyl for £1.50 each, both play perfect too :)
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