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  • My first was TAOD :)

    I don't mind thinking about it...minus the kegs bit :p

    Brooklyn is similar...though not as bad ;). Oh they are SO getting hate mail lol

    The Smiths go through those phases. Something "new" mentions or features them and all the kiddies hop on the badwagon for like 2 months...sickening.

    As am I. As am I. I know I was dumb...but hopefully not that dumb. I was into Ozzy. Can a 13 year old girl get giddy about Ozzy Osbourne? lol
    I'd have to say my favorite is Black Sails in the Sunset. Its just incredible on all levels. Yours?

    Exactly! And although I think Moz is sexy...EXPLOSIVE KEGS? If he ever said that to me, my panties would be on before he said "Between my legs" :p. My favorite Moz album is probably Maladjusted (I know...I know...) with Years of Refusal in at a close second.

    AFI owes me $10. No lie. Assholes lowering the price on me. They do NOT want me going Jersey on them xD. Do it! Davey answered like 2 of my questions back in the day.

    Seriously! Those girls get a new "sexy" band every week. I can't believe that 6 years ago I was their age...and HOPEFULLY not nearly as stupid.
    I feel ya. DU was probably my least favorite AFI album. I wish that Davey and Jade put as much effort into writing DU as they did CexCells, because Blaqk Audio = amazing.

    ROTT is, by far, my least favorite Moz album lol. DGPHM creeps me out to a point that I can't even listen to it without shuddering...or turning it off before "there are explosive kegs..."

    Oh jeez, I don't even know. When I joined....7 or 8 years ago it cost me $40. But I wouldn't be surprised if they raised the price to cash in on the hordes of 13 year old girls ITCHING to join.
    I, for one, really really dug CL.

    decemberunderground was the biggest let down ever (well...other than Ringleader of the Tormentors ;)). I've been a fan for so long...I was afraid that DU marked the downfall of AFI....but CL proved otherwise :thumb:

    In the DF?
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