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    The Human League Thread

    The Human League return after a ten year gap with the irresistible ‘Night People’. An outrageously catchy burst of suburban disco pop with some of the after dark urban drama of classics like Sound Of The Crowd, this is a track that bridges the gap between the League as influential forebears and...

    Suggest a title of Morrissey's autobiography

    All You Need Is Me Used To Be A Sweet Boy Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself Years Of Refusal

    morrissey frink thread!

    Hi. I remember searching the thread a while back and came across this Morrissey weeping with a black Lion picture... Could any kind sole please point me to what page it was on, or even better, post the picture up again.. Thanks.

    Morrissey 2006 Live on Sky Arts1 (UK) - 10 Feb 2010

    I wonder if this will be uploaded by some kind soul on YouTube.

    Albums to look forward to in 2010

    The Ting Tings James Blunt Gorillaz Duran Duran The Human League Brett Anderson

    Solo-era Smiths Compilation

    There are so many bootlegs out there that consist of Morrissey doing Smiths tracks in concert. I've downloaded many including the one above. My favourite would be the one Bicycle Tragedy compiled. It's called Nothing Ever Dies. Two volumes.

    who should produce morrissey's next album?

    I quite like the idea of having Jeff Saltzman as the produced. I believe he would add something very fresh to a new Morrissey album. But then again so would Brian Eno... Maybe Morrissey could reunite with Tony Visconti? I'm a very confused little boy :D Let's be honest here... No matter who...

    Another Bowie request - remixes

    No offence, but I doubt anyone will give you what you've asked for on here. Many Morrissey fans are David Bowie haters :guitar:

    Morrissey & Bowie pictures

    WOW. I have never seen this. What a lovely picture of them both! It's such a shame they are not in contact anymore. If only David Bowie didn't appear at a Morrissey concert, then there would not be that fierce media criticism that scared off poor David :thumb:

    Morrissey statement on TTY 06/01/10

    You spoke my mind and I know many many others. That is what I was thinking when reading every post on this very very long thread. Let's just wait and see! I'm sure he will jump back into it all when we least expect it. Who knows he may come back with an album that is so good, everyone on...

    Who would you cast as Morrissey in a film about his life?

    Contradictory to what some of you guys think, Daniel Day Lewis looks very Morrissey like. Remember, a biopic is not supposed to be an episode of Stars In Their Eyes! The actor needs to channel the energy, personality of the character and add visual likeness to some extent. However, I would...

    The Youngest Was the Most Loved (video)

    It would be nice if Morrissey released all the latest music videos on DVD. Well, the videos that haven't been featured on any release as of yet.

    Download campaign to give Moz a #1 song -- Can it work like it worked for Rage?

    Now we have Facebook, Twitter and other packed out online websites that we can campaign on :)
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