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  • Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Love, peace and harmony...all-ways. Looks like Bad Santa needs a spank!

    riginally Posted by dicartwright
    SCREENCRAPS??? I'm not talking to you anymore sistasheila!
    And I'm telling my mom on you
    what??.:confused::confused:.it was a typo..i meant screencaps OF COURSE!!!..you know very well how I admire your work the gifs the caps , the photoshops...I have told you that more than once in emails
    so of course it was a typo ..what do you think of me???:confused::confused::tears:
    thnks soooooomuch a lot for the lovely gifs (springheeled 97) i think the last one is the one i ask you for..
    .they re great can i post them on the frink as well? since you made them for me i wanted to make sure before I post them,..actualy you should put them into your gif profile as well, they are lovely
    .and there not messy at all .. ( you have some other gifs from this particulaR show posted in the archive a few pages back, right ..so,....)
    thnks again
    how were you not on my friends list till now?
    although i might be forced to chuck you off it if you continue with such frinky jealous making avatars...
    I was supposed to be born on 3rd November, but I didn't. :p

    Have a lovely birthday. ;)
    Thanx for the link... Love them! you got lots of photoshop talent :D

    What program do you use??? I got CS3 but I'm a total novice at it, haven't taken the time to learn.... :[
    Hi.. Love your photoshops!! :) Is there a place where I can see all of them??? I remember once there was a link to all your Mozzy work.. but forget where.

    well it's for free..choose the file you want..click..a new site opens..then give in the letter..into the box..after that you recieve the link http://..ect..copy it and paste it into the adresse line..
    But the samples are only for the professional stuff, right? Try to search in "Videos" with keywords, according to what you want to see. Have fun! ;)
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