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    Buying tickets for Paris '21

    Salle Pleyel is currently postponing all their concerts to October/November, probably the same will happen since May is way too optimistic
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    Shoplifters Of The World - Official trailer

    Not my type of film but it looks like it could get popular and I would love some Smiths in the mainstream
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    What did make you smile today?

    Haha Nick is great, very unique artist and superb aesthetic sense - his mentioned 'merch' shop is amazing, so full of personality, I only wish Moz would do something similar, with some cool vegan propaganda prints or whatever he enjoys these days
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?"

    The But, ah, the pleasure you bring for us part is just breathtaking I agree that it's nice to hear a different, stronger sound from Moz and his voice works well with Thelma's
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    Discussion about journalism and racism (based around Siouxsie & Morrissey)

    They will always be a dream duo in my mind, I mean Interlude is so beautiful... Too bad they ceased contact, reportedly after some political, nationalism-related disagreement
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    Paris gig postponed to May 14, 2021 according to venue Salle Pleyel

    Any predictions on the chances of it actually happening in May?
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    is there a heaven
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    Morrissey Central MORRISSEY SPEAKS, NEW YEAR'S EVE 2020

    Adorable!! He looks so good ♥️ I love the rosary
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    5 Favorite records of 2020

    1. Fontaines D.C. - "A Hero's Death" 2. Nation of Language - "Introduction, Presence" 3. Morrissey - "I'm Not a Dog On a Chain" 4. House of Harm - "Vicious Pastimes" 5. Drinking Flowers - "New Swirled Order" Honorable mention: Nick Cave - "Idiot Prayer"
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    Morrissey Central 2020: AS TEARS GO BY (December 22, 2020)

    Love Earthling Ed :seedling: This is the kind of stuff that should be posted on Central, instead of the right-wing bs
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    Morrissey Central "I TRIED LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD" (December 22, 2020)

    Oh god...I swear that absolute clown frequently made fun of vegans, grouping them together as "leftist sensitive snowflakes", no way he's now on Morrissey's website...
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    Morrissey Central THE RIGID RULES AND RESTRICTIONS OF ‘DIVERSITY' (November 25, 2020)

    But the thing is he hasn't changed at all, he was never shy to speak (or sing) about his beliefs, things that he deems important. We've just moved into a world which regrettably would rather respect "admirable" falsehood (with its prime aim being catering to the popular opinion) than...
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    Morrissey Central THE RIGID RULES AND RESTRICTIONS OF ‘DIVERSITY' (November 25, 2020)

    It's "Empik" - more like their version of HMV than Amazon, to be precise
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