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    Nick Kent - Apathy For The Devil 70s memoir mentions Morrissey

    Yeah shame he said that years ago. Nick Kent his such a prat. A typical case of writer who wants to be a rock star.
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    The message of Morrissey's music

    Al lot of things can make one happy and sad at the same time, it's because they are link. Some times when we are happy we cry, it's because deep down we know the moment is fleeting.
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    The message of Morrissey's music

    I don't know, I think that word gets banded about with too much ease. One only has to eat an extra long twix these days and they get called a genius. I think he is a fantastic talent and that is enough for me.
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    Is the 7th July 2011 a date or the diary?

    This is the best news on this site for a few months. I wish he would have done a few one off shows for the Bona Drag reissue, oh well. I hope the venue is not the O2 as someone mentioned, I would rather he did a few night at Brixton or The Round House or even The Royal Albert hall. This must...
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    Striptease With A Difference

    I think he/her was playing with words
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    Well don't start applying fake tan, you will go orange

    Well don't start applying fake tan, you will go orange
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    The message of Morrissey's music

    Yes but that gets us no where as the next question would be what message is Morrissey? Nice picture Joan
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    Booky Wook 2

    I don't think I will bother buying the book, I will just go in watersones and read the Morrissey parts. Unless someone scans the said parts on here
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    Everyday is Like Sunday fails to make the UK top 40

    what you say is indeed true. The Bowie re release is "deluxe", I haven't heard the new Bona Drag yet but, I think, you maybe a little harsh on it. It does have some new songs on it ( it's not moz's fault that they have been leaked), and it has been re mastered and re mastered well (from what I...
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    NME: Nicky Wire got a postcard from Morrissey when he was a teenager

    I can remember an interview with Moz in the early 90's when he said "You don't really think anybody cares about the Manic Street Preachers do you?". "Do anything for fame" is a bit rich coming from that band of student toss pots. cutting 4 real into your arm is the saddest bit of shock tactics I...
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    Does Morrissey need a new sound

    Re: Does Morrissey needs a new sound I think your find I said he is often aping other voices, including morrisseys. I didn't say he sounded like Morrissey. Some of the music is quite like Morrissey would use though.
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    Bring it back to dear old blighty...

    At first when I saw the song I had mixed feelings- how dare they touch a classic, such bad singing etc etc But after half a second I didn't mind it, in fact it's quite in keeping with the spirt of the L Shaped Room version- people having a good time, the ol' English knees up
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    Request ~ Morrissey interview with Mavis Nicholson

    Sadly, I think if this interview took place it was never aired. I have never heard of it doing the rounds. If any one has it I would love to watch it. Mavis also did two interviews with one of my all time hero's Quentin Crisp- I think Moz stole a lot from crisp in the early days ( I have...
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