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    Can we Soloists excert some pressure for a new album?

    He'll get a record deal. And he'll never retire.
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    The history of the relationship between Morrissey and 'Morrissey-Solo'

    When I heard about what happened to DavidT, it reminded me of a bootleg I have, from one of the 1999-2002 tours, where Moz said something like the following: "David's here, Julia's here, the gang's all here." It saddened me to think that he has been pushed out of Morrissey's inner circle for...
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    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    The Rapidshare posted upthread link works. This is so great. I have been waiting for this recording ever since the DVD was announced. Thank you so much!
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    Is Morrissey still the role model he once was to you?

    I see Morrissey as deliberately engaging in self-parody these days. I think it's funny and interesting. It's in that way that he engages with his previous work, rather than heartlessly or meaninglessly trying to imitate it. He knows he can't summon up the persona he had in previous years, so he...
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    M's nephews faceache page

    Wasn't he briefly in The Importance of Being Morrissey?
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    You and your loneless

    There is no better cure for loneliness than Morrissey. Spoken as one who knows. I wish you well.
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 254: HAPPY LOVERS UNITED

    Just heard this one for the first few times. I agree that this one hadn't seen the light of day for a reason. The vocal melody has real potential but this is pretty obviously an outtake. He's not as crisp as usual, his voice is just off somehow, and the lyrics are mostly throwaway. (For the...
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    What the h... is wrong with music today?

    The Rolling Stone and NME lists are a joke (not just the top ten, their entirety, which I have read). They are narrow in purview, and limited in genre and perspective. The Pitchfork list is a lot better. I think the reasons for that are obvious, although it is sorely lacking in many respects...
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    What the h... is wrong with music today?

    The level of pretension and the amount of obsfuscation in this thread is truly nauseating. Had many of you decided to utilize the amount of time you spend writing precocious posts to actually listen to the contemporary music you purport to know something about, you wouldn't hold such foolish...
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    Morrissey on George Lopez show (09/12/09)

    Re: Morrissey on George Lopez show Sigh. Of course it's a joke. I think that whole part of the song is tongue-in-cheek. I also think it's annoying and condescending for some of us to say Moz is unduly ignorant of his ungrammatical faux-Spanish. He obviously knows it's not grammatical and that...
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    Morrissey on George Lopez show (09/12/09)

    Re: Morrissey on George Lopez show I thought we established that it isn't Spanish. Morrissey certainly agrees, is my point. You were wrong to say he thinks he's singing in Spanish.
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    Morrissey on George Lopez show (09/12/09)

    Re: Morrissey on George Lopez show He already knows. Link
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    I read Allmusic a lot as I know a lot of others here do, and lately I've been finding that old reviews are no longer on the profiles for albums, though the stars are still there. Is anybody else noticing this? It's really bothering me, as it's an excellent resource. Are they deleting stuff or is...
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    How do you feel about Kill Uncle?

    By far his worst album. An absolute abomination indeed.
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