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    Turks infiltrate f***ing every where F D S A C
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    F u u g m
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    Morrissey's sex songs

    Re: Morrissey´s sex songs Skin Storm. Mmmm.
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    REQ: Introducing Morrissey AUDIO ONLY

    This is from
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    Did you celebrate 4/20?

    I went to mass like any Sunday. Duh.
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    Sexiest Man Alive

    my lord........ now im gonna preorder 1000 copies.
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    Sexiest Man Alive

    Where did this picture come from?????? PS i know it came from a camera but YOU KNOW!!! ahahha :)
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    Morrissey's Male fan frink thread

    Re: Morrissey's Male fan frink thread! i already posted mine!
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    THPGU - Promo Video

    Re: Official That's How People Grow Up Vid?!? Yeah you're like late by a good 5 years. We know about his next new single and its video already.
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Congratulations. Health and many years to him :)
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    drunken thoughts... and introduction to my fellow mozzers!

    I read this again and i'm dumb. i admit it. I'M OBTUSE. This story is old I KNOW but it goes on.
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    Tutsi or Hutu?

    Other: My votes for Kewpie. :cool:
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