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    Wanted - One Middlesbrough standing ticket

    Hiya - can anyone help? Hopefully with a sensible price! Can paypal straight away if, as leslie crowther told us, the price is right. Cheers Darren - Lockerbie - Scotland
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    Stunning news from

    I just got one too! Wasn't expecting that for a minute. The postman had propped it up by the backdoor - thankfully the weather is good so no damage done!
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    Morrissey/Smiths Guide to Manchester

    Afternoon - I am off to Manchester on Wednesday - won't have time to order the Smiths/Morrissey tour guide book - does anyone know of any good webistes I could look at before then? Google is offering no help whatsoever! If you can - thanks darren
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    Signed Morrissey Shot

    Morning all - following on from my Morrissey sling I posted the other day. Later on in the tours - I think it was the your arsenal one (but that december tour is a bit of a blur!) Morrissey signed my Morrissey Shot (along with Linder and the band) I attach an image for your viewing pleasure...
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    Morrissey Sling

    Yeah Hanley was the third leg of the Kill Uncle tour - great venue if i remember. Morrissey in the denims and glasses to begin with - was that the gig where the crowd wouldn't give him his jacket back when he was whipping it over their heads? Darren
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    Morrissey Sling

    Hi all - i did say a while ago that I would post a pic of a slice of morrissey history. Signed in Hammersmith before the 1991 show - I had hurt my hand a few days earlier at the Hanley show. I love the way Morrissey used the song and used it to great effect on my sling. Hope it makes...
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    I have one signed by Jo Slee - lovely stuff
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    most prized Smiths Moz item?

    Ah good times, my ageing memory thought it was Croydon - but Brixton is much better. It was certainly south of Penrith, I think I was but one (so to speak) next to you Libby and the entire front rows erupted! Good times, I cannot remember him being that playful with names, people and song...
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    How do these people sleep at night?

    £102! wow - someone is being ripped off surely if you are that much of a fan - you have, at least, a little knowledge of his writing style very strange indeed.
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    How do these people sleep at night?

    As fakes go - this is either amazing (in that people are bidding) or so sad (in that it looks nothing like Morrissey's hand) either way - the fakes are selling Darren
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    Signed/Numbered Years of Refusal LP

    Into the final idea - i like the idea of running a book! Will post an email of the sling over the weekend
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    Signed/Numbered Years of Refusal LP

    No problem - will do it over the weekend - a sling is usually used to help with a broken arm. White material, holds the arm in a certain position. best darren
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    Signed/Numbered Years of Refusal LP

    Into the last 24 hours of the auction if anyone, in this heat, can focus on anything other than how warm is it. Imagine seeing Morrissey on a night like this in the Barrowlands!
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    Drink and be ill tonight...

    Following on from the Beer Throwing the other night - the bright wags at have had a go at renaming the songs through a drunken haze - The Boy With The Blackthorn In His Cider Mead Is Murder There Is A Light Ale That Never Goes Out Sheila Take A Lowenbrau...
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