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  • aww 34 what a nice age.:rolleyes:
    so you're a bit older than mell..ok..
    well..what i wanted to say is that i come to wish you a(n) (un)happy birthday!!
    Hope you have a great day..i mean if possible..i'm always so excited about the's the best part..hope you recieve some great stuff!!! i think my will follow now on the 26th...:D
    so greets and lovley hugs

    Well, if you're not a troll then you're a kiss ass. Davidt as a friend? Anyway. My mistake. I was just joking. Sorry.
    how are you doing..everything's fine??..i hope so..i'm enjoying the nice..warm weather ..with a nice cocktail..while sitting on my balcony with the nice silence and laptop.. and will have a bath soon..
    lovley greets from comfortable cologne;) do you like the new single..?
    i just wanted to say....

    If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you

    Oscar Wilde

    lovley greets miry;]
    *hug* I'm so happy we're friends :)
    Doesn't the Dolls show seem like it was AGES ago? I wonder if Trey Michaels has overdosed by now? :p
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