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    Thanks for the reassuring reply, cossy!

    I think the pub didn't know what hit them from early evening. It did turn out to be a cosy friendly place and they tried to rise to the occasion admirably with a Moz/Smiths mix of tunes.

    It's a relief to know that Boz was stung about something else other than my item. Your cumulated efforts to hand it over reminded me of trying to tame a fretful wild horse with a handful of sugar!

    The front page is indeed revolting, surely a let-down on behalf of most of us.

    Looking forward to meeting recently-acquainted faith-renewing fans at the Button Factory again soon.

    Best to you and yours for now.

    Hi cossy

    Someone on the front page mentioned that Boz looked angry and shook his fist at something at one point during the Stadium gig. It wasn't at your pal doing me a favour by holding out the letter? I hope not. Sorry if so.

    See that creepy 'broken' knows my name, outing me every so often on the front page. He posed fraudulently as Moz' rep a few years ago, inviting essays for a supposed competition on . I fell for it, though David T expressed suspicions. A boring aggravating nuisance, and a nasty piece of work.

    I still wonder if Morrissey ever retrieved and opened the package after all our trouble, but every time I think of him doing so, I have to chuckle; he got a real odd pick n' mix! I didn't see ye in the Headline after, which was buzzing. Might chat again at TCM gig.


    No worries Mal but I didnt get a missed call? All good here mate. Are you heading to Liverpool? If so enjoy....if he shows up. Cancelled Wossy. Tim to tak a long break methinks
    Hi Cossy
    Sorry about that missed call, I just got a new phone and was trying to use the damn thing, but pressed the wrong button.
    Look after yourself
    Hi Mal I was away in London for the weekend and got a call from a mate who was at Swindon on Sat night. He was at the front and was very concerned. Seems to have all blown over now as he is belting out the songs at the RAH tonight. Wont be over this time mate as he is playing Dublin at the end of November. Enjoy Leeds and Sheffield. The setlist has a few Smiths gems

    Cossy! How's it going? Hope you and yours are well. Just got back from 3 days in the Yorkshire Dales and seen the bad news on solo. I'm at the Leeds/Sheffield gigs (hopefully) Will you be attending either, it would be great to meet for a drink and a natter?
    Take care

    Excellent! :thumb: You're sure to get some great audio to download...of which I will take credit for. ;):D Have a great time, I know you will. :guitar:
    Hi cossy, hope you are well.

    You’ll get a kick out of this… last Friday night I met “brewcity” at the Milwaukee show. I guess he was asking around about me and when we met he couldn’t stop gushing “Oh thank you for all your downloads, I’ve gotten so much music off of you!!, etc etc” I said I don’t download anything to solo & he must have me confused with someone else. We couldn’t figure out who and it was bugging me…Pregs & I finally figured out that he meant COSSY! Lol… close ;)
    Thanks Lux girl Very kind of you. Going to Omagh and Belfast for Moz gigs this year. Will you be going to any??
    Duh! Only noticed the link to youtube and the wedding highlights. Looks like a great day was had by all. Been married a few years myself and know how special it is to have everyone around. Sorry for my delay in viewing, once again congrats to you and the very lovely mrs Cossy!
    WOW :sweet: That was beautiful, you're tuggin' at me heartstrings ;)
    Thanks so much for sharing that with me. Your day looked amazing, as did the absolutely gorgeous couple. CONGRATS again, cossy. :)
    thnks ..
    real interesting introduction for an oasis cover:p

    this must be the jools holland show from 92 she is refering too
    Hi sister

    its quite strong

    Tori amos cover and some strong words about Morrissey
    "and it's not The Smiths. Piss off... It's not Morrissey because he pissed me off. I'll tell you why. (audience: He's a f***head!) That's right. Let me tell you why... f*** off! Great band... I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you people. I'm coming out of a tv show, right, it's forever ago, and he's walking past me, this little short guy, and I'm walking past and I have heels on, so I can say that. And I look back and I just said, 'Hey man, you've written great songs.' He said, 'What the f*** do you know?'

    What the f*** do I know, motherf***er, who are you trying to sell records to in america you small-dick motherf***er? We never spoke again. So I'm not doing his song. But I like the band and I listen to the songs, but this is somebody else..."
    Hi Cossy

    Just wanted to say a very big thank you for all the footage you have kindly shared with us all, it really is much appreciated.

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