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  • I know you have 98 friends and all, but you are seriously neglecting me. Don't make me come in there!!!!!

    I hope you are well. But do you want to make me cry..:)

    Yours, Ally.
    Hellz, yeah! I like the way you think! :thumb:

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I hope he checks in and sees your comment. I think I'll have to make sure that he does. :lbf:
    If you get a piece of Moz ass, I expect you to hang on to it and bring it here. Your text should read, "See you in 14. Bring fuzzy cuffs." ;)

    Mr. Blaze has ordered me to bed because I haven't slept all night. :blushing:
    Considering how many times I've had mine shattered, I'll be gentle with yours. :)

    I meant to ask you about the shirt earlier but I forgot. :o

    I hope they have them and it wasn't just a NY thang. I need one of those shirts!
    Awesome! I'll take it! :sweet:

    I'm hoping to get in on the pre-sale. Fingers crossed! :pray:

    If I send money for a t-shirt today, would you get it by Saturday?
    Yay! What do I win? :D

    Holy shit! I hope I can get tickets. I've always been able to get them in the past. :eek:
    Did you get tickets? I think ours go on sale soon.

    Every time I see your "sign sez," I think "stay away fools, 'cause love rules at the lo-ho-hove shack." :D
    Hi! Yes, I will be at the Aragon this Saturday. It's gonna be just me and my sis, so I guess you'll have to find me around. I've been doin' crosswords online, but I also do it in the Trib, also. It's better when I use the crossword dictionary online so I don't end up figuring too much and gettin' too frustrated. Sometimes I do cheat. Well, talk to ya later. ;)
    Thanks Corey! Wish I could send ya a pic of my sign! I wrote it w/ royal blue marker and a big PINK Moz's fave color:D heart around it! I'd like to think he saw it that day! :) At least you got an acknowledgement from the man himself! It's pretty big too, poster size. It's hanging up on my wall in my bedroom where it's been since the concert in Boston at BOAPav. I see you've got 2 Mozcerts to look forward to! just saw mine last night, only one thusfar, the closest he ever comes to NH :(. I miss him already! Hope he'll return in the fall! Bcnya!--Kar
    I was just eavesdropping on yours and karriemoz's conversation - I too wondered about the Frinky sign. I LOVE that photo! Did a friend take it, or did you find it posted somewhere?
    hey Corey! Thanx for answering my q! I remember seeing that sign all of a sudden POP UP EVERYWHERE on here and I was always like, What the heck does that mean? Appreciate the info :) Someday I'll go there and check it out! It's all the buzz on here that's for sure! Neat! That you got to TELL him what it means! UI made a sign for him at his reschld Boston 07/07/07 show-well the 1st was 06/26/07 and it read MORRISSEY I THANK YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART! a line from my fav ROTT tr 5 "ITFutureWAW" :D and a sec guard told me he ses it 2x as it was the 1st time I ever made it up front at one of his shows and I held my sign in front of my chest so as not to block the views of people behind me! Just knowing he DID see my sign albeit didn't/couldn't acknowledge it though, was satisfying enough for me! :D
    So it was you that started the frink thread! Never been cos I KNOW I'd never be able to leave! Di asks me if I've gone there b4. I miss seeing 25 yr old SPM on your avatar :( ----Kar :)
    Thanks! What a great day it was. Met Solomon, got the mic, got a stick, then met Matt after the gig and thanked him again. :D Yippie! hahaha! I wish you could have been there! Your turn is coming soon though!!!
    oh dear..... I HAVE FAILED YOU!!!! i dreamt that i was sent to prison last night:tears: But i am a good boy, that won't happen:)
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