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  • Be really f***ing afraid because I reloaded my RDJ arsenal.



    Ah. Insomnia. :D
    You should see me at Michaels during Christmas when everything is covered in glitter. :squiffy:
    Okay. I'll take over after you've gotten all the glitter off of him.

    I hate glitter. Even on Moz. Just looking at his chest makes me twitch. :squiffy:
    aw, thanks sugar. Happy Easter to you too. have a great weekend. talk to you soon. :)
    I always understood that American women were made from Quorn and that their honey-pots tasted like Cream Soda. That's how you and Pregs would taste in my mind anyway.

    Sorry for such a worrying start. My mind worries me at times.

    I am doing okay and the weather is back to normal. Grey Skies abound i am afraid it has that kind of Kill Unlce feel about it, angry clouds and an intimidated blue sky. It sounds quite profound but makes no sense when you analyse it...:)

    bysshe is too fiery to trust with a long lense..:) And anyone who admires the Marquis de Sade has to be treated with caution. Don't tell her i said that, she will beat!

    I hope you are well my dear?

    Oh my goodness!! That must have just been an incredible moment:eek::lbf: It's nice to know that Moz is well informed on "Frink" haha!
    I love how you brought the sign to shows on this tour, you gals seem like tons of fun to go to a Moz show with:thumb:

    And I live in Florida, land of the canceled shows :tears:
    LOL nice story Corrisey Hope the gigs were great. I am eeing him twice at the end of the month and then to his 50th birthday show Cant wait xx
    Mmm. . . RDJ berfday schpankin's! :horny:

    Sweet! Nekkid Moz shirt! Let me know how much shipping costs, mmkay?
    Yay!!! Good to hear from you. I was wondering if i had done anything to offend you, and apart from my 'jokes' i couldn't think of anything...:)

    I am afraid that i would have to do some serious shifts on my thigh-master that i am yet to purchase before i would reveal my strork-like pins to an ungrateful forum. We do have a hairdressers in Haddington called, Smiths, so i thought this would be an ideal location for a photo.

    I am glad you enjoyed Moz so much. He is so lucky to have people like you and Pregs following him. If i was him i would devour the pair of you on STAGE!!!

    Nothing much is new, except SUNSHINE in Scotland for the last 4 days. I am still to get over it.

    May i wish you luck love and happiness and may your fine behind be parked on a velvet cushion..:)

    Oh my how did that go when you told him? That must have been pretty amazing:eek:

    I want to see Moz live so badly:tears:
    It was so nice to meet you. You're a sweetie. I hope we'll get to meet at more shows in the future. Next time we should have lunch and talk All Things Mozzy. :)
    Hey there I just wanted to say that I just noticed your signature pic! Was that you showing Moz the frinky sign?? If so that is amazing, did you get a chance to tell him what frinky meant I hear? :)
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