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  • haha, sweet as always I think :-* last night I went to see morrissey in oslo.. he was a bit grumpy, some dork threw a glas of beer at him :( But he continued the concert and it was great :D
    Thank you Corrissey:) That's very sweet! I don't need pregnancy forums as long as I got solo. Here's just the sweetest people on earth <3

    My due date is 24th December :D

    So what about you, how are you? Long time no see!!:)
    awesome! i've met them all except Mike. Micky and Peter were very flirty. I have pics on my myspace on there?

    Just back from the Killers show!
    You know the one that was rescheduled after the bomb threat and I originally couldn't go to the new date because I was supposed to go to London to see Moz and Depeche Mode?
    Well, after both Moz and DM cancelled their shows, my friend and I decided to cancel our trip altogether and today I managed to get hold of a couple of Killers tickets that Ticketmaster put back up on sale!
    And holy cow, what a fantastic show it was! I absolutely loved Dustland Fairytale live and was really surprised they played Bling.
    So after my initial sadness of missing Moz and DM, I'm ok now, after feasting my eyes on Mr. Brandon all night long. :horny: Damn, that man looks good. :horny:

    xx too! i then moved to peter, then micky when I met him in 2006. : ) liked them since 1986...morrissey 1991.
    But with you being so lovely, the beer belly thing won't really take off. I'll have to think of something else.

    I am doing okay hun, a little down but i am sure i'll survive. I hope you and the family are all wonderful?

    You need to check out the Craig/Ewan thread. I've posted a few new videos that will crack you up. ;)
    WHOO HOOO... i couldnt wait for you to find out, sorry i dont have pc access while away much, i cant BELIEVBE he took it, twas so cute whe he held it against face like a short sighted person, then followed the words with his fingers.. he then steped back to me and said thankyou, laughed, then put it in pocket.. i couldve died! roll on hull tomoz. xxx
    How are you sweet-cheeks?

    I have to go in 10 mins, so let me know how you are or i will start a rumour on this forum that you are actually a 18 stone trucker with a beer belly and have a fixation for scantily-clad Nuns..!!!
    Oh hey, just saw this... not watching TAR.. only Survivor this season, and ANTM which is total crap lol.

    That sistasheila avi is great. it should be everyone's avi here haha

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