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  • Girl, no problem at all. I was having a conversation with one of my best friends last night and he doesn't have any belief in a God or Karma - he basically feels, "The Wicked Prosper" and sometimes I feel that's true. I really hope you're feeling better soon. Life is just so unbearable at times. I'm trying to get through a rough patch myself. It sucks, what can I say! Well, I'll always be here if you need to rant at someone :o) I'm a good listener. Take care! And your girls are so cute! I always wished I would have kids, but I'd be a terrible parent, probably. I'd spoil them to death. ;)
    Thank you. My mission was accomplished. I love the colors in your avatar. When I see it I can't stop staring at and blue are my favourite colors, esp. surrounding Moz!
    I'll bet! I'd have had more than a headache--I get horribly seasick on any kind of boat bigger than a canoe. :sick:

    Have fun with the video. I bugged the taper to get his copy of Merrillville cleaned up & posted, and I hope that your moment in the sun is in it!
    Thanks so much for the friendship request. You are one of the more interesting and fun people on Solo! Are those your children? LOL they're adorable. Love your daughter's t-shirt :o)
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