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  • i have distant cousins in the boston irish mob,no joke,i can get things done haha
    another dream? details plz.

    as always i will keep my fingers crossed that i will one day hear good news about the house.
    tell me you have some good news about your house,i would like to hear that,or do i have to come out there and make things happen.:D
    I just wanted to tell you that you are so very pretty, and not seem like a and troublelovesme are like models or something!
    You lucky thing! I want a stripper that looks like RDJ! :eek:

    Actually, I'd rather have the real thing. :p

    He totally breaks my heart in Less Than Zero. I really need to buy a copy of Chaplin.

    Have you heard him sing? I have his album. :o
    Sorry, I haven't checked my hotmail in forever. Will do so now.

    I'm okay (on a mini getaway in Indy at the mo) Hope you are as well.
    Thanks dear, you are too nice! ;) How are you these days? I sent you an email to your hotmail address, I'm not sure if you got it...
    Oh, shit! I need to get that issue! We haven't gotten our new issue of Rolling Stone at the book store yet.

    RDJ, Ben Stiller and Jack Black are all on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, too.

    I've been of fan of RDJ's since the days when he was on Saturday Night Live. I remember one bit that he and Anthony Michael Hall did during the news segment. I don't remember the context. I just remember the two of them making fart noises in their hands for about five minutes. And we know that I'm secretly 12, so that was pee in my pants funny. I'm so glad that he has gotten his life back together. He has always been such a brilliant actor. It would have been a shame if that talent had gone to waste.

    We'll get that hug in one day. I promise. :)

    How are you feeling?
    I'm so sorry. I didn't know about your father-in-law. How is everyone holding up?

    You should give the Twilight books a twirl. They're really good. Edward is definitely where it's at. :D

    If you need anything or just want to talk, let me know, okay?
    I'm feeling much better. I'm able to read now, which I was having trouble doing before when I was feeling so apathetic about everything. It has helped tremendously.

    How are you?
    We still have periods of low pressure to face, though that does sound very over-dramatic..:) More rain expected tonight but it shouldn't flood me or anything..:)

    I hope the funeral and that went okay if it has happened yet? I hope you are doing well and stuff? I must stop using the word stuff, it's really getting on my nipple ends..:)
    It was no trouble. Rules are meant for bending :cool: :guitar:.

    You are coming out with us Sept. 5th, right? I have a ticket for you, just in case.

    Hugs to you and your family. :(
    Really sorry to hear about your bad news..:( These things are never easy. I lack skills as a comforter, but beyond that, i mean well..:)

    This is View To a Kill....

    And i always notice when you're not around..:) That sounded vaguely threatening...!!! er..You know what i mean. I not only lack comforting skills, but general skills too..:) we were nearly flooded two nights ago after 32 hours hard rain. More due tomorrow, but it should be too bad..:)
    That was broadcast on Ch4 a few nights ago, well about 5 night ago..:) They got a lot of good publicity because Ronson is hot property in media circles because of his production on both Amy Winehouse albums. It was such a bizarre moment to see Simon sing Moz's lyrics, i must say i never thought i'd see the day..:) Maybe Moz will respond in kind and cover Planet Earth or something..:)

    There's more on YouTube from that gig, so if you want more then just give me a shout..:)

    Haven't seen you around for a few days, i hope everything is fine? Though you are allowed time off, if you really must!!!..:)
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