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  • Hey girl, I just thought I'd pop in and say Hello! I took a few days off to clear my head. Hope everything is fine with you and the dh and your kiddies. :o) HUGS
    Hey Coz, Today is our beloved Simon Lebon's Bday! We should listen to lots of Duran Duran music to celebrate:)
    I guess it could be every week. ;)

    Did the kids take the hint and give you a break for the night? I had an "I Voted Today" sticker on the same day you had your donor sticker on. Hee. I hate that I'm deferred all the time. I've only managed one successful blood donation. I've been deferred four or five times. My blood floats. :( I've gotten to where I ask them to prick my finger before I fill out any paperwork. No sense in wasting everyone's time.

    I'm exhausted. I haven't been to bed yet. I'm planning on catching some z's after I take the kid to school. How are you? How much longer until the house is finished?
    noooooo *runs away from scary brandon with stache* haha, i like him clean shaven. id make him shave it off before we did it. :D "either I go, or the stache does..." :D I still think he looks the cutest in the "somebody told me" video. I like baby faces. :o

    haha, earl hickey. they DO look alike. :p
    heh. no, i had no idea they were playing. NY is too far though. :cool: I'll wait til they come to Philly or AC. although Brandon looks hot there. :horny: yummmmm
    Corrissey! It was soooo easy to do. I felt so proud haha. And like bysshe said, I can change my avatar pic anytime I want. I chose this one because he looks like the boy next door....with a little blood splattered on him :p
    yep. my main worry with an Obama presidency is that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report will run out of material!!
    did you see the latest video I posted on the "McCain is crazy" thread? or whatever its called. its a vid from 2000, and his take on taxes is EXACTLY what Obama is saying now. it should really be Obama's next ad :) also, did you see when McCain meant to say "cut" today and he accidentally said "c***" and corrected himself?? haha. i guess Cindy was in his peripheral vision??? :eek::p
    I will! :)

    my BFF's husband is in the military. they were able to score tix to the inauguration 4 years ago cuz he has to go for work purposes anyway. she's gonna see what she can do this year. plus her husbands brother lives right in DC so we could stay there and just walk to it. I'd LOVE to go to that. it would be so awesome!! 2 days after my bday too. what a birthday present!! :guitar:
    hahahaha, thats so funny!

    I think I told you, I taught my BFFs 3 year old to say "Obama" last time I went down to visit. she said he'll now see a picture of him and just shout "Obama!!" without any coaxing. she was saying how if Obama is elected president, how its gonna be so cool for kids growing up now to not think anything of having a black president. how cool is that? i mean, for most of us, just 5 years ago, the thought of having a black president seemed completely farfetched. and now we'll have a generation of kids where its the norm for them

    oh that reminds me, Obama had a rally in VA today and I know she and her brother went. she texted me all like "I'm going to see Barack today!!" haha. I'm sooo jealous!!! I'll have to ask her about it.
    your welcome:o .....might go and have a look in chat in another 18 months time. christ it was dull, that is the only chat thingy i've ever been on. Am i going to live that down:o
    well the job is a little different. I'd actually be interviewing/assessing people on welfare who have gone through some sort of job training process at what they call an EARN center. I'd would actually be assigned to 3 different of these centers throughout the city on a rotating basis. I would see if I thought they were ready to hold a job. and if i did i would then take further steps to place them somewhere (didnt get all the details obvs). and if i didnt feel they were ready, then I supposed I'd let the people at these centers know what that particular individual had to improve on. so I'd be helping the OBAMA!!! :guitar: haha

    as far as the prez questions, i like "are they friends." cuz i just had this strange picture of Obama and McCain like...going out and getting icecream and riding bumper cars. :confused::D haha, I'm strange. :p
    Wouldn't it be neat if there was a holding-bloody-organs week? Okay. Maybe not. But I can dream.

    How are you doing, my dear? :)
    2 weeks baby, TWO WEEEEKS!!!!! :guitar:

    Hey, guess what? I had a job interview today! I thought I was just going to an employment agency but it turned out that I was being interviewed to actually work FOR the employment agency! I'd be helping people find jobs, i think I'd like to do that. the guy will be calling me back in the next day or so. oh and it pays a buttload more than I make now, and its normal f***ing hours! haha. keep your fingers crossed for me!!! :D
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