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  • Did you say "crotch?" :p

    And the heiney ain't too bad, either. :horny:


    The fact that he loves his wife makes him that much more attractive. :)
    I'm in favor of anything having to do with RDJ's crotch. I'd prefer to be personally involved, of course, but I'll take what I can get.
    "Palin returned to Alaska to chants of 2012" - news headline
    I was actually in England for a couple of weeks and then NY and LA. Travel has been hectic. I will be out of town for the next Delilah's Smiths/Morrissey night. It is a shame because I have not been able to get to one since my first. Timing has never been my thing. I hope all is well on the Northside and no, I don't hate you for hatin' on Vedder. He is a black or white type of guy, either you love em or hate em. I think he is a very thoughtful and passionate singer-I dig that. Sorry I will miss you at Delilah's.
    you need a personal assistant.:)

    well, this is for you,as you asked and maybe little terence and terence can make life a bit better for atleast a minute or two.:p

    i hope hubby is all right, he is staying over night? what happened? other than the evil contractors slowly killing you both.:)
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (if i knew how to put up graphics, i'd post one for you!) hope you have a great time Trick or Treating with your kidlets! :o)
    Hey, thanks very much. The city is going nuts today. Esimated 3 million people on Broad Street for the parade. Philly needed this.

    Things have been lifealteringly bad for the past month and a half but I'm getting by. I'm actually applying to jobs all over the country right now. How's the market in Chicago? As bad as everywhere else?

    I hope you're doing well and have a great Halloween with your little trick or treaters!
    Thanks for the Birthday message. Sorry I have not responded earlier. I have been out of town, but you are very thoughtful.
    Aw, thanks! God, I've never had so many messages, emails, texts, phone calls etc. in my whole life. And I still feel the same way I did yesterday, and no extra wrinkels or nothing, and my sis dyed my hair yesterday so no grey hairs to be seen, so life is goooood.
    Plus, the Killers show coming up on Monday... GREAT! Last year was great too, I flew home on my birthday after being to New York to see the Morrissey shows at the Hammerstein, that was an awesome birthday too...
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