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  • Just read about the downsizing in the company where you work.
    The credit crunch is a bitch! :tears:
    As if you didn't have enough bad luck and misfortune in your life the last couple of years. :(
    Hang in there, hun.

    And remember: the night is always at its darkest, just before the sun comes up.
    coz, I read about your job, that blows majorly. :(

    since you can get into her email, I think you should circulate some of her embarrassing private emails. ;)
    Well, ever so slightly younger than you..:) I am 38...:) I never thought i'd live this long..:) (I don't have an illness or anything, it's just hard to imagine getting to this age..:))

    Well it was nice to read the birthday thread, although yours was a little rude which surprised! Glad you have some beer. And some Beer in an Obama America. It feels better already..:)

    Don't go mad with that beer though...:)
    Well, not a HAPPY! No i had a really good day.

    Thank you so much for your post on my birthday. And i would NEVER get you to dress up like Sarah Palin, i have too much respect for you...:)

    I hope you are doing well?
    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes today...:)

    I hope you are doing well? And i am slightly tipsy...:)
    haha hey, thanks. we took a few home tests and it's been all negative so far. for that i am very thankful! sorry about da bears. was actually pretty scared they'd win that one. hope all is well with you.
    Some more Paul SNL-moments:


    Paul in suit; gorgeous:

    Paul without suit; :eek: :horny:

    And a cute little close-up:

    **off to take cold shower**
    Finally saw SNL!! I swear, when Paul Rudd was lying naked on that couch, my heart just skipped a beat! :horny:
    Loved the roadtrip bit as well: "Ooh! A new message!!" :cool:
    And ooh yes that family/kissing scene. :horny:
    Yes, I listened to Pearl Jam all Friday and I thought "How can someone dislike this band and lead singer, so toughtful, insightful, and talented." I went to an INCREDIBLE rock and roll show on Friday night at the Riv: The Hold Steady (big Smith lyric fans) and the Drive-by Truckers. One of the best, old-school type rock and roll shows I have ever seen. THS is out of NY and DBT out of Athens GA. It was an INCREDIBLE show. I missed the Jam (but I saw them at the Park West many moons ago and I think I might have lost my hearing at that show).
    O damn!! My torrent download site is down! I hope it'll be up soon, so I can download SNL. Brussels was great, saw Sigur Rós (again!). Was in the front row and cried nearly all night because it was just too frickin' beautiful! :tears: I was in front of the bass player and sometimes he would nod at me and give me a little smile, that was cute. :o
    Off the another Sigur Rós show in a couple of hours, this time a little closer to home: Amsterdam!! :) That'll be the last one of my SR-concert-trilogy. :p
    I have tomorrow off as well, hopefully I can download SNL! Saw the Justin Timberlake/Beyoncé-video on Youtube, that was veeery funny. :)
    OH MY GOD!!!! Really??? Thanks for letting me know!! I'll download it tomorrow as soon as I have the chance! O no, I'm going to Brussels tomorrow... I'll be back on Monday, download it then... Bwah, I'm a little drunk. :o Going to bed now. Maybe I'll dream about him. :p
    O and you might wanna keep your eye on your mailbox the next couple of days! :rolleyes:

    Bye, hun!
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