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  • Hey Corrissey,
    Thanks for the holiday wishes! Same to you! :)
    Everything's good...done with training and all myself assigned to a nice firehouse in Staten Island that's not too far from my house. Actually going to work in a little bit...working overnight tonight and it's looking like it'll be a quiet Christmas for me this year...then again, at least I'm saving $$ on presents. lol
    Again, have a great holiday...tty soon.
    Hi Corrissey,

    Thank you very much for the message and the picture.;) I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. And let’s look forward to an exciting Morrissey year. :)

    I forgot that Matt was in another band, where does he find the time? If you do get a chance to speak to him it would be amazing if you could ask him about the drawing.

    Take care,
    T x

    Your girls are adorable, too- the boys request a playdate. I don't think either one of mine looks like J.

    Merry Christmas, as we all count our blessings!
    Thanks very much hun! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well!! Woot Woot 2009!! :)
    Even though you haven't replied to my last message, i am STILL wishing YOU a very Merry Christmas...:p Just a wee joke petal, i know that you people with kids and stuff have other priorities than Scottish Perverts. We're an oppressed minority you know...:p

    I hope you have a lovely time in your new functional kitchen over the Festive period, and after of course..:)

    Great news about Pregs though. It was such a joy to read about it. Take care hun and have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year....:guitar:

    Love, Ally..xxxx
    thank you darling for thinking about me :o

    I'm very sorry to hear the news about mr. Falk, I didn't know that.:( 81 ? :eek: :eek:
    Thank you so much for the Pic!!!! I love it.... My husband took the kids and I to Disneyland to celebrate my B-day... Had a great time... I wrist is feeling so much better. Cast comes off in a week!!!!
    yes if I go she will be with me..Any chance you could find a single guy for her so we can make it a foursome?? PS..thank god my gf doesn't read solo :D
    If your husband won't attend the Aragon show with you, I'll glady be your date for the evening ;)
    Well, it's nice to give you a pleasant surprise...:) It's just wet here as usual, i don't have a fridge so it's nice that it's cold outside - but not cold as you would know it. It's difficult to live in such a Macho country and have such 'pussy' weather. When it comes to weather and Wildlife, we Scots should really keep our mouths firmly shut!!!...:)

    There is a bar just below me, but i am resisting going in too much. Two nights in a week isn't bad and i didn't go mad or anything which was slightly disappointing...:) I am feeling better than i have in ages, so i am pleased about that. Which is something to be pleased about i suppose..:)

    I hope you have a great Chrimbo, but i will speak with you before then. It's great news that the house is far more functional and it will be such a relief to enjoy the holiday season with things more in place.

    Okay hun, take care of yourself. And i'll speak to you soon.

    Lots of love,
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