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  • Have fun tonight with the Killers!! :guitar:
    I still have to wait another 7 weeks to see them again...
    I'm so curious as to what songs off the new album they're gonna play.

    Thank for the Merry Happy Joy sentiments. Sorry, I haven't been on the site in some time and I come back on here and Morrissey folks are slamming the temple of alternative rock in Chicago, the Aragon. She might be an old pig of a place to see a show, but it is a great venue with a great history. Love walking into that place. I hope you and your family are well.
    That's a kick in the teeth right enough. I think if your self employed word of mouth is everything, so you'd think they would be careful with people who had recommended them. Typical...:)

    How are you doing these days? I hope you have been behaving yourself, within reason..:)

    Have you been trying to get tickets for our Moz?

    I will miss him this year. Priorities, don't you just hate them...:)

    All the best to you and yours hun and speak soon.

    Lots of love, Ally,
    I think Builders should have some tough regulator, because they generally take clients for granted, and seeing as building work is a big enough disruption for the Homeowner you would think they would be far more giving to people's concerns. I am sure there is a point in there somewhere. And i am NOT drinking at the moment so do not have that excuse....:) I can confirm that you can't get blood from a turnip, but i know what you meant..:)

    I ALWAYS think of you kindly. And i will have a drink for every one of my Forum chums. That's 28 drinks for me..:) If you tried that you'd need to get your stomach pumped, and not in a nice way..:) Sorry..:)

    Take care of yourself hun and think of me the next time you chop some Carrots..:)

    Lots of love,
    Hey you...:) May i wish you a Happy New Year - 8 days too late but better late than never...:)

    Things are going pretty well though i am drinking quite a lot which may explain a few things....:) Glad that the Festive season is over for another year, i hope it was a good one for you and the family? And here's to a 2009, builder-free home..:)

    I hope life is treatring you well? Did your friend ever make it to Linlithgow?

    Take care, Ally...xxxx
    I saw the preview:) The show is on Jan 12! Can't wait. He looks soooo good!
    Simon is my favorite, but John is looking good:)
    I was watching a couple of episodes over the xmas....saw a video tape in a charity store.
    I miss peter fonda, sometimes.
    I had a couple of people ask me what I was holding so I thought I'd post it on the avatar thread. :)

    How are you doing? How is the new year treating you so far? Well I hope. We could both use a better year. And I could never hate you. :sweet:

    Which shows are you going to? March can't get here soon enough.
    haha...yes..yessss...yessssssss..thank you...
    i really love. it.don't come over it..the sideburns..:rolleyes:
    it's a newbie..old fahioned and the main's hot!!!:guitar:

    have a nice day cossy;)
    hey, i aren't cheesey...may be the feet :o
    no, you don't:p
    don't you read anything i post here....look on the avatar thread!
    i was lead to believe so!

    anyway...cheers, so the soft cheese is a no and the hard cheese will be okay. It was important discussion last night. As we have all this different cheeses that were not opened. I won't to get eating them, but for a number of reasons it will have to wait. But one cheese i will get started on tonight:)

    is my new avatar acceptable?
    Thank you very much! :) I've been at my mums, and since I've got back I've been dealing with cat-teeth-vets issues, so I've not been around much! I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year (with a finished house!)
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