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  • i am not ignoring your posts in 'the sty' i just dont post there anymore now :(
    at all and i sent this not as a pm cuz well, i just sent someone else a friendly pm and they threatened to report me :eek:, sorry :o
    haha, oh it was part of an AIM conversation I was having with a drunk friend last night. we were both drunk on line and I wanted to go to bed but he was wasted and wanted me to stay up and drink more and chat. I'm sure no one else finds it funny but at the time and within the context of the conversation it was really really funny. trust me. :p

    I missed Sober House and all my NBC shows yesterday. I was at the bar. :cool: I'll have to catch the NBC ones online and catch a repeat of Sober House.
    I'm thinking about throwing a copy of that nudie Moz-pic on stage when I go see the Killers in March in Amsterdam. You know, maybe it will inspire Brandon to do the same. :horny: :p
    he is so nutty! its hilarious. Rachel Maddow did a bit on her show last week, where they split the screen and they were showing him going on about his little cowboy metaphor, and she grabs a tub of popcorn from under her desk and starts eating it and making all these "wtf" faces. it was great. :p

    perfect timing too. Bush left so we needed some comic relief. THX BLAGO :D;)
    Hey you. It's always lovely to hear from you. I haven't seen you around for a while and i get worried. Though not in a "If Corrissey doesn't turn up, i'll punch a badger in the face" kinda way, just a "Hmm, i hope she hasn't killed any builder" kinda!

    Great to hear you got tickets. The good thing about old Moz is that he always tours regularly, so i'll have to wait until the next time. I should have just bought tickets TBH, i thought i was being responsible by saving up money for a deposit on a flat, i feel a bit silly now. But sadly that's not a new experience for me..:)

    I hope you and the family are all doing well?

    Lots of love, Ally...xxxxx
    Oh, I love Fringe! Walter cracks me up so much. :D

    The Kid and I were singing along to The Killers. ;)
    that link didnt work, but i just looked it up on youtube. :p but yeah, that video is pretty horrible, but I'd still do him, in that stupid outfit and everything. :cool:;)
    I actually like the song, but that vid is just too random. I also loved his face and his "shy" smiles in the video, and his hair, oh my god, I just want to EAT HIM UP!!! :p
    I never liked Dave that much. He suffers from Jim-Morrison-Wannabe-Syndrome if you ask me! :rolleyes:
    And Mark, well - he's just the quiet type I guess. :p
    Thanks for the review!!! Sounds like a rocking show. I didn't really check out the Killersforum for any reactions, just looked for the setlist. :rolleyes: I know by now that their shows really depend on Brandon's mood. Sometimes he just comes across as an arrogant a**hole but as soon as he produces one of his lovely smiles you just know that it is all ok. In London last November he couldn't stop smiling so that gave a lot of positive energy to the audience who then gave that energy back to the band. That's one of the things I love about going to see a band - that energy that you can't quite put your finger on. :cool:
    Exactly 7 weeks to go from today until I get to see them again. And there's strong rumour that they will headline a festival in Belgium that I always go to, so good times ahead. Whoohoo!! :guitar:
    OMG!!!! *joygasm* :horny:

    no seriously, im at that point again where I havent gotten any in so long, so just LOOKING at a picture like that makes my pants all squishy
    So how was it?? :)

    I got this setlist off the Killers-forum. If they do the same set in Amsterdam I am going to DIE!! :guitar: (except for I can't stay - really don't like that song :o )

    Losing Touch
    For Reasons Unknown
    Somebody Told Me
    Smile Like You Mean It
    This Is Your Life
    Joy Ride
    I Can't Stay
    A Dustland Fairytale
    Neon Tiger
    Sam's Town (Acoustic)
    Read My Mind
    Mr. Brightside
    All These Things That I've Done
    The World We Live In
    Jenny Was A Friend of Mine
    When You Were Young
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