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  • hey there, just seen your post, i am looking for the Paris Bsides that are not shame is the name - can you help?!
    Thank you for pointing out the joke i missed my dear...:) I must have been tired or something. I can remember you asking my age before, i just though - "Poor Thing, she must be getting old"!

    I am well aware of the tragedy of watching sporting events. England beat Scotland once at football and i had to leave the pub because i was about to shed a tear..:) I have grown up since then though and prefer to thrown a glass at the TV..:)

    I have a chest infection to join my cold! It's unbelievable. I think i need a witch doctor or something. It's starting to really annoy me.

    Anyhoo, you DID say i could moan..:) I hope you are well hun and that the family are all doing well?

    Lots of love, Ally...xxxx
    Thanks very much Corrissey. Yes it was a pity we couldn't meet back then. You will have to come again soon and meet me and check yourself if the Sagrada Familia is finished ;)
    I believe you have mistaken "hotness" for "hot mess." :p

    RDJ is even hot in his mugshots.


    Granted, he looks a little cracked out in that last mug shot since his eyes are all glazed over and shit, but I'd still do him. :D

    Now that I've reached 6000, I can't decide if I want to post anymore. We'll see how long I can hold out.
    "council gritter" is slag for shitter....which means a bum hole :o So, "up the council gritter"

    do pepper trucks too :p

    late today, by 40 mins :o it was snowing and then sleeting, so it slowed everything down. I was stuck for an hour on a bus that just went a mile....then my ipod run out of juice while i listen to Spaceman by the Killers :(

    i got a bit wet, my hair was like stan laurals after i took my cap off....i rather have a comb then a hug at the moment :p
    Not even in certain circumstance?....:) I will abait from this. I despise spitting myself especially if there's soap around....:)

    I am pleased that i asked and no-one can accuse you of not providing information..:) Has you team ever one it? I am sure they did, i seem to recall you getting pretty drunk - even more so that! I may give it a go though, but only if you watch a football match...:) (Soccer to you guys..:))

    I am 38 and still have a blocked nose, though i accept that i may be using it as an excuse to moan...:) I can be such a drama queen...:) I will take you suggestion about staying in bed. And i thin Assaulting Orgasms would be a super title for a book. I would buy!

    Thank you for your appreciation. I haven't really been perving too much. it's hard to unleash myself when there's a 10 year old looking at what you are writing. Though he laughed at one of my jokes.....:)

    yay i've been hugged :p

    I have no idea....its been just under 20 yrs since they had snow fall like that. By all accounts the councils didn't want to pay the overtime to the staff to grit the roads. All the Buses were stopped and parts the underground were suspended. I go to work via bus, so monday morning i walk to the underground station (along the way telling a gentleman that there are no buses, as he was standing there waiting for one) and get to work on time, but squeezed in the tube trains. all my team was in thou :)
    but this always happens, the roads were gritted so it was too dangerous for the buses. so it was safer for the public and the staff to suspend the service.
    the funny thing is, yesterday when i travelled to work ( when it is up and running) i was late :p
    i know, that is why i keep solo for work.

    I know, i do not have any malice for her she is a nice lady or for Nrith really, as i said i have said my piece and moved on. I think he acts like a bit of a tit on here towards we all do.

    ps. i don't get that much time @ home for it really...yes i am terribly offended as you want to accept my 'hug' :p
    your right....but i am thinking this place or that one, a bit fed up of certain people really.... but it would seem when i have said my piece,they have shut up or added a another tag, well i have noticed which seems to be all the time! ;) cowards really & given the age and responsiblities they have in life, quite sad (yes i am talking about Nrith). I do most of the time just say my piece and move on. yep, i knock heads with people here (gawd me and robby had some!!!) but most of the time you have a common ground with someone and get over it.

    But your not that housewif:) as you are on the very special Blaze buddy list, only for a select few:D.

    thank you.... once again. you are the best x
    And you managed to ignore my Orgasm/Assault comment which shows you have a dignity that is a credit to you madam...:) Me? Less so...:)

    What is your football team hun? How is the superbowl decided? Is it like a national final where the best teams compete? Has it anything to do with a league? No more questions, promise..:)

    I have had this cold for about a month, i don't think ANYONE has been more sick than me EVER. Aherm, you did say i could moan right?....:) I hate having a blocked nose because it feels like someone or something is trying to suffocate you. it could be the evil crocodile that chases me in my dreams..:(

    Anyhoo, i hope you and the family are all fine? Take care a talk soon..:)

    umm, yeah he totally kicked ass, and he's still hot. ;) he's touring again this spring and i've never seen him and i always say "next time i'll see him" but he always seems to be touring around the same time as Moz! :rolleyes: plus, trying to get a Springsteen ticket in Philly is like trying to get a Morrissey ticket in Manchester. :rolleyes: one of these days!!! haha

    no, no Rock of Love on Sunday, but Tool Academy was on. Matsuflex had a crazy drunken meatheaded nervous breakdown. it was EPIC.
    I think being made love to AND beaten up would be quite an interesting experience. Insulted, spat-on, called a pathetic little worm sounds quite appealing...:) Sorry...:)

    They showed the superbowl live here on the BBC for the first time but i didn't watch it. I don't understand it for a start. Is it a big family occasion with lots of drink and food and stuff? we have occasions like that over here, but minus the family obviously....:)

    I have a slight cold but i've started annoying myself by mentioning it to everyone, but it's been around for a month. I hope it buggers off soon.

    take care and write soon.

    Love, Ally...xxxx
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