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May 18, 2016
Jun 6, 2007
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September 9

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lovable loser, from Chicago

Corrissey was last seen:
May 18, 2016
    1. sistasheila
      i just saw this pic and thought of you;-)
      dont they have lovely "wild boys" they are,-Dliking the aforementioned song a lot.-my aunt did play it all the time when i visitedheras a child
    2. dicartwright
      Nah I just don't know my way around Facebook. What shall I do, look for "Corrissey"? Is that how you do it? I don't understand Facebook, there seems to be too much to do for their own good. I'll try next time I go there!
    3. dicartwright
      Happy Birthday to me? Alright. if you say so!! Who am I to reject Moz kisses :D
      But it was my mum's bday yesterday, I'll tell her someone sent her a Mozcard :D

      So how are you, Coz??
    4. McLovin
      Wow, what a wonderful treat on so many different levels that has awaited me. Thanks for all of that. :)

      Hey, let's be besties. To be fair, I've got some restraining orders, but I assure you that I'm completely harmless. I just like calling... a lot. We should trade phone numbers...especially mailing addresses.
    5. Ilmarë
      Thanks for birthday wishes! :)
    6. gretchenraine
      HAHA! Nice pic!

      A friend had 2 news items posted on the main board yesterday so I read about 80 main board messages for the first time in weeks and thought, 'you know, I don't have anything to say to these people. I'm a lover, not a fighter!' lol!!
    7. Skinner
      Hey Buddy! Thanks for the link. I was just reading about this today on Why is he only doing the shows in LA?!!! I hate that! But at least we have the new films to look forward to. I hope he makes a great come back! :)

      The Go Navy! Is for my cousin who is a member of the class of 2013 at the Naval Academy right now. He is doing the plebe summer thing and it's really tough but he is doing well. My Pop-Pop and his 4 brothers were all in the Navy so it's a family thing. I can't wait to go to the midshipman store and stock up on Navy merch! Ahoy!
    8. Practising Troublemaker
      Practising Troublemaker
      Thank you!!!!!!!!!! :)
    9. pagnani32
      The kiddos are doing so good, Jett is like the best baby ever! He started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and hasn't woken up once in the night since! I can't believe it. I totally am back to running, ran a huge relay race in June where I ran 32 miles! EEK! I have a marthon coming up in September and then an Ironman next it's like I never even stopped now really! So how the heck are you doin, I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!!!
    10. lottie
      I know! but it happened and you'll have that emblazoned on your mind forever.
    11. bysshe
      Awww! Thanks! :love:
    12. blackcrow
      hi, i`m a new member, i'm looking for the album SHOUTING QUIETLY by BRADFORD, if you know someone who maye share it, please let me know, thanks!
    13. lottie
      aww thanks, and he does, is it on video anywhere, because the look on his face, it was priceless, and to have to ask if he was really still frinky (god it sounds such a horny word when he says it) silly boy, bit twas nice bit of interaction, i was yelling "of course you are and you always will be, come down here and i'll show you how much" LOL
    14. Pachinko
      HAHA! I LOVE the Dexter pic! How the heck have you been?? I hope everything is going great with you! :o)
    15. Kilt Uncle
      Kilt Uncle
      Well, things are going quite well at the moment and it feels a bit strange to say that, but hey...:) Maybe it's the new me. Maybe that's the end of the crap jokes....:)

      it's very warm here, though we have heavy showers at the moment, in-between sunshine. Edinburgh is so alive at this point and will get better as the Festival approaches. I hope you and all the family are doing well hun?

      Love, Alasdair..xxxxxx
    16. mozzia
      Thank you for the happy birthday :)
    17. mozmal
      Corrissey - thanks so much for the birthday wishes. What a sweet thing you are!
    18. bikubesong
      thank you!! Yes, ultrasounds are amazing, seeing your little miracle move around for the first time, I almoust cried. I'm very fine thanks! Well, today I'm a little sick, but that's OK.:) Im generally so happy (and my hormones is turning me into a total weirdo:D :p) so I can start crying just because I'm so happy about my little one or that I just remembers how fond I am of my boy friend:p

      How are you darling?
    19. Kilt Uncle
      Kilt Uncle
      Hey Mrs. I finally moved into a new place in Edinburgh and i am actually fairly happy. No,!

      I hope life is going well for you and that all is well with the bairns?

    20. bikubesong
      haha thats just soo sweet (l)
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