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May 18, 2016
Jun 6, 2007
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September 9

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lovable loser, from Chicago

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May 18, 2016
    1. Kilt Uncle
      Kilt Uncle
      I knew i had to be here at a moment of such crisis. Moz moves in mysterious ways..:) I hope it's not too serious though...:(

      I am doing alright hun. I have been on a course for a while and that has relieved the boredom for a while. Can't complain though.
    2. Kilt Uncle
      Kilt Uncle
      Well, it's not wise to wear nothing uderneath because people tend to try and expose you to an unwilling public. And at my age it's not a pretty sight...:)

      I hope you are well hun and that the family are all well?
    3. Tbevie
      Thank you very much corrissey. X :)

      How are you?
    4. DaveyHavok
      Ah, I hear that's how it's done! I'm quite alright relaxing with a nice cup of chai :thumb:
    5. nugz
      feel free to steal my idea :p it's not like we'll run into eachother (unfortunately :(;))
    6. nugz
      I will! I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm figuring a trip to the Good Will store and I should be all set! :thumb:

      doin anything for Halloween? or just handing out candy this year? :)
    7. DaveyHavok
      Hi Corrissey! How are you?
    8. morrisseychic
      Rio and Hammersmith Out Today in US!
      The Rio Double CD, Album and Hammersmith DVD are out today in the USA! Don’t forget to pick up these great additions to your collection!
      I just got mine form amazon:)
    9. DaveyHavok
      Thanks! :D

      I'm glad you're actually nice. If you weren't, I'd feel like an extreme n00b for saying so :cool:
    10. bulletproof
      Thank you for adding me as a friend and the beautiful song.
    11. oscillate wildly
    12. Vauxhall95
      Yes, I think I saw a digital billboard advertising P!nk's "Funhouse" tour while driving to work the other day, but I've never seen the ad again. I just started working again, about six weeks ago so I'm still trying to pay down the debt from being unemployed.

      The whole YOR thing is absurd. It's the only Morrissey album I just cannot stand. I actually hate the thing. I've tried to listen to it, but it plainly sucks. Being busy with the new job I check the site maybe 1-2 times per week, so it is fun to get online and let loose just to see what carnage I've caused. "Swords" is so disaapointing. It really could have been an awesome vault clearing collection, instead I already have every single track already. Moz is treating his fans like they're his own personal ATM, and I think it's awful.

      Enjoy the show! I hope your family is well.

      Take care buddy!

    13. HIM
      hallo corrissey,

      re.: phil - this is decidedly bad news. he's a really good drummer; it must be pretty devastating for him.

      i'm not too bad, thank you. i hope things are okay with you and i shall pass on your warm regards to hattie, as requested.
    14. morrisseychic
      Hey Corrissey, I've been well. I decided to go back to school to finish my degree.
    15. cornelius blaze
      cornelius blaze
      You saw Imelda May on your Birthday? pls relate this to me on facebook....ME is like very jealous :D
    16. M-in-Oz
      Sorry I'm late with this...but hope you had a great Birthday, best Morrissey wishes to you!
    17. bysshe
    18. morrisseychic
      Happy birthday!!!
    19. I am a Ghost
      I am a Ghost
      You're entirely welcome. You should treat yourself and get it done for Wednesday! Go the whole Rockabilly hog.:)
    20. M-in-Oz
      Hi Corrissey - thanks so much for the birthday wishes and such a gorgeous pic of Moz! Haven't seen that one before, he looks very sharp.
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