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May 18, 2016
Jun 6, 2007
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September 9

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lovable loser, from Chicago

Corrissey was last seen:
May 18, 2016
    1. teeth
      I'm on fire this evening, thank you. :)
      I'm sure you do, I am everywhere. :):)
    2. teeth
      Hello young lady...:):)
    3. cornelius blaze
      cornelius blaze
      that is why i use lady.

      reincarnation!!!! don't be silly,i would never do a thing like that:o :p

      go long as i know who you are....remember, i only accept PMs etc off friends.
    4. nugz
      haha, i didnt even notice. thx!! oh man, you're close to 10,000. you used to be behind me! muahaha
    5. cornelius blaze
      cornelius blaze
      no you shouldn't retire, you are too young:)
    6. bysshe
      And naturally, it's busy. :rolleyes:

      Oh, well. It'll keep me awake.

      You're pretty special, too. :D
    7. bysshe
      Chronic masterbation?!? :eek:
    8. Not Right in the Head
      Not Right in the Head
      I was out of town all weekend, and even though I was back at work today, I didn't do much SoLowing.

      11 days and counting! :guitar:
    9. vicarinatutugal
      he was a little upset but really ok, we not been down to the pet shop as yet, but I am going to go see her, she is nice in there. I am not sure whether we are going to replace the fish as yet.
    10. modrevolve
      Recording went well. We cut bass and drums for 11 of the 12 songs intended for release..I hope to someday be mailing a copy of our debut LP to Chicago!
    11. FDR
      thanks for the birthday card. i've been away fro a while and hadn't checked my messages so it was a pleasant surprise.
    12. modrevolve
      Hey Cor!
      Recording begins this weekend..I'm really excited as recording a full length LP is a dream of mine.
      I saw that about The Who..Wowzers, the bidding is up to 20K.. maybe we can split it???
    13. Buzzetta
    14. mell
      *ahem* Nice avatar, lady! :sweet:
    15. cornelius blaze
      cornelius blaze
      I will try. I can't promise!!!!

      well, i have noticed....more friendly, cheerful, happy-go-lucky in many respects. And then, for example (even thou i don't have the time to read lengthy post) Mr Buzzy and that other lady preggies is always an interesting read. I think the brits take themselves to seriously in regards to a certain popstar....but then again yours is just lust for the old fellow:p

      i went to football match last year at the Emirates stadium (Arsenal) last year....i did have a headache the next i had free booze & food!
    16. oye terence
      oye terence
      free games are good but that sounds amazing.very fancy!
      oh i have a facebook but i hate facebook but if you have one i will have to use it more often,i will have to ask mr blaze about this,i forget he is on there too
    17. oye terence
      oye terence
      haah i know! it is great! i already made it my picture on myspace.haha i wish she was not on holiday,it is great.really is.

      how are you?
    18. cornelius blaze
      cornelius blaze
      yes, i am very trusting!

      you could just open the facebook up as "corrissey" you wouldn't get confused then!

      yes, i know Madam Trouble is purty, she is a dear 'solo' friend to me and on facebook.
      Oh i saw the photo of you two together, it was very sweet:) it made me smile....i think the american fans (the boys and girls) are much better then the brits;)

      also well done on the house permit thingie xxx
    19. westendgirl
      LOLz....yes Moz knows.... :D :p ;)
    20. Half_a_Person
      You're very welcome! ;) Chi-Town 4ever!!
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    My dreams... they aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be.