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  • aww, I'm sorry. I did make a new account since it wouldn't let me log in with my old one. I will try to add you when I have time and remember!
    You do know that the more you give your trust... kidding...
    love and trust me, please!

    I don't know about Facebook, I'm a bit reluctant. "Maintaining" one web persona sucks up enough of my time as it is! I have done the IM thing before, but it's been since forever. I'll give it a go & see if I can't remember who I was (lol) or make up someone new.

    trouble and I are friends, IRL now :) You'd like her, she's nice. and purty :)
    I think you’re safe to stay with that one for awhile! I like the sepia tone to it too.

    What do you mean am I on MSN? Like messenger? trouble was telling me about the Facebook gang… I may check that out.
    I have heard how the UK can be very restrictive with cinema. The parts of films that have to be edited to secure UK ratings are incredible when ranked around the world. I believe you can get away with a bit more sex and nudity than we can but if there is one head-butt there is a problem.
    Heh - I have been flying through movies these last couple of days as I have been readying eBay auctions. I hate sitting on the sidelines of the thread I created but I have to be detached so I can concentrate on writing these things. I will have to find a way to share what is on my "incoming" list on Netflix with you.
    I will look into it and based from your message I added Villains to my netflix queue but Special was not available in the US Market (through Netflix at least). Thanks for the heads up.
    People do not realize the work I do in my effort to keep the internet in working order. I thank you for the recognition.
    hehe yes, I saw it and thought of you.
    I found a cool photobucket account with lots of really good stuff in it actually.
    mr. blaze,i know we agree on a lot of birds,and i have a newly found adoration for Jean Seberg,what are your thoughts on her?

    Take a look at the Joker in the Nurses outfit with Harvey Dent in the background. Look under the Joker's arm. Is it me or did they forget to CGI up the left side of Harvey Dent's face?
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