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  • You know, RDJ and Kevin Spacey have brown eyes. :) However, you are a married man so that makes you safe anyway. You can put the pencil down now. :p

    I never could understand why people would get totally wasted at shows, either. Not only do they spend money on the ticket, they spend money on overpriced drinks at the venues. Makes no sense to me.

    You're assuming that he doesn't already have all of Eddie Cochran's records, then. ;)

    You like it when I roll my eyes at you. :p

    Well, I was on my way to try to catch a nap and you kept replying. :D

    I think I'll do that now. Be safe on the way home and keep your fingers crossed for me!
    No, but I am a sucker for blue eyes and his are very blue. :o

    I don't drink so I'm never a drunken crowd member. You would be perfectly safe standing next to me at a general admission show. :p Since it's a seated venue, I doubt that drinking will be allowed. That'll be a nice change of pace. :D

    Ah, so you were out on two counts. ;)

    I hadn't noticed that the two of you had matching shoe fetishes. :rolleyes:
    It always amazes me how blue his eyes are. :o

    The entire Durham show is seated. I've never been there before so I'm not sure if they'll be irate if a bunch of people head up to the front to stand. Morrissey seems to have a history of encouraging that from the audience so I'm hoping he'll feel well enough to encourage it tomorrow night. :)

    I haven't outgrown general admission floor tickets yet. I love being in the crowd.

    It always cracks me up that you take pictures of your shoes. :D
    You know I try to work in a song quote on your page when I get the chance. :p

    I did get to see some of him. What I saw was mighty handsome, too. I can still see the little bit of tanned tummy and hip bone in my mind, clear as day. :blushing:

    Was that TMI for your page, Mr. Blaze? ;)

    I'm hoping that we'll be able to stand at the front. I don't know how well that will fly with the venue. Someone from the venue posted earlier saying that the show was still on and I replied with the question about seating but got no answer. I guess I will have to wait and see.

    I'm glad you had a good time at the show. I need to take a peek at your pictures later. :D
    Apparently, he's still ill. At the Myrtle Beach show, he was having trouble with his voice early on and he looked pretty frustrated about it. I wrote a bit about it here:

    Asheville was cancelled on me yesterday but I'm hoping that Durham is still a go for tomorrow. It's a seated show so I'm not sure what to expect. Have you seen him at a seated venue before?

    How was Imelda? :D
    It would be nice if he rescheduled but looking at the tour schedule, he won't have time. :(

    I would gladly drive an hour to deliver soup and sammiches to all of them. :o

    So how do you really feel about the tour and album? :p
    I certainly will. Now all I need to do is make an effort to go to Liverpool, which I still haven't done depsite being up North for 3 months. Or I could get my housemate to do it when he visits his girlfriend there...ha! ;)
    That top one looks to have identical pairs. I knew you'd be a good man to ask ;)

    I had a quick look online before but I kind of wanted to try them on before buying to see if they suit. Seeing as that's in Liverpool that should be doable.

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