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  • hey man- will send you any day now soon... been a bit overcome with work, should be in the next cpl days
    Awwww, poor Mr. Blaze. :p It could have been '94 at the earliest, but I would have been too young to have been hiding under tables then. :p
    I never caught it - I am going to go look for it now.

    I had heard that it was leaked online but I did not make anything of it until I found out (watching the news) that it was an HD Studio copy. I will be looking for a torrent later. LOL - I was walking through the store and passed the toy aisle the other day and saw the figures. I geeked out and had to get one for my desk.

    All is well for now... yourself? I am going to look for that thread now.
    It would have either been 1995 or 1996. I don't know how old exactly I was, but not old enough to remember any of it. :p
    I have this rather humerous image of you in the middle of an office with glitter, glue and pictures of the Walker Brothers :D
    Thanks again

    Actually it was the third time I was fooled that day.

    The dream was good while it lasted!
    Am I the only one that just scrawls the name of the artist in permanent marker?
    I'm looking forward to seeing your cover art, I'm sure it'll be lovely
    Boz rocks! :rock:

    I have sent you a PM to explain it all.

    It wouldn't be weird. It would be funny! You could stand off and watch this poor hapless person look for a friend who isn't there. :D
    Boz! I got my picture taken with Boz! He was very nice. We talked to him for about 10-15 minutes after the Durham show. Do I need to PM you now? :p

    You should call the person back and make plans. Then you should go to wherever you plan to meet and watch. Hee.

    It was great! It made me smile. Thank you! :D
    I'll post the fringe if I get it. I've actually got a picture of Sharonanigans and me with Boz but I can't download it until I get my computer back. The power supply burned out about a month ago and a friend of mine loaned her extra tower to me so I could work.

    When I was a teenager, I had my own phone line. The number was close to the number of a doctor's office. When I was at school, my dad would answer my phone and make appointments. I always got a kick out of that. :lbf:

    Yes! Thank you for playing along! :thumb:
    So being a dapper man about town such as yourself, should I get the fringe or not? I taking a poll.

    If I don't recognize the number on the caller ID, I let the machine pick it up. I'm really terrible when it comes to answering phones.

    I'm tired of being the only one posting on the RDJ thread! You won't even humo(u)r me? :tears:
    But you're such a glutton for punishment. :D

    If Abby worked there no one would get any work done.

    My hair is halfway down my back. I've had bangs (should that be a fringe?) before and I've always had a love/hate relationship with them. When I have them, all I can think about is growing them back out. When I don't have them, I want them. I don't know if I'd get them done professionally or not. Since it's not really that involved, I'd probably just have my mom do it. :)

    I try not to answer any calls if I can help it. That's why I have an answering machine. ;)

    No, I haven't seen that! Now be a good lad and post that on my RDJ thread. :horny:
    You're too good to me, Mr. What's the best Walker Brothers LP, in your opinion? Send me that to begin with, if you like :)

    If it hadn't have been April Fool's I'd have thought you only started that thread to scare the hell of of NRITH :D
    Oh, come on. You left the door wide open for that and you know it. :p

    It's true. You didn't. But I liked my version better. Unfortunately, we can't all be Abby.

    I've been thinking about cutting bangs again. Should I or shouldn't I?

    I hate answering phones. The next time it rings, you should run.
    Man. You're harsh. Then again, if you smack me hard enough over the head with it, I'll get some sleep. :D

    Emo Girl might become a permanent part of your team! I'm probably more excited about that than you are. I picture her looking like Abby from NCIS.

    A magazine?!? I thought you were my friend! :eek:

    How is your day so far? Full of important stuff, no doubt.
    I got my sleeps in yesterday! Aren't you proud of me?

    Of course, I couldn't go to sleep later, so I've been up all night again. Why do I feel like you're going to smack me with a rolled up newspaper now? :o

    Did your beloved find the perfect pair of shoes?
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