cornelius blaze
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Dec 15, 2015
Dec 4, 2007
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Boy Child

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cornelius blaze

Boychild mustn't tremble!, from MONTAGUE TERRACE (in blue)

cornelius blaze was last seen:
Dec 15, 2015
    1. bysshe

      Good morning, Mr. Blaze. :D
    2. Hellie
      Corny is that really a bearded you in your profile?I seriously hope you're not that good looking!!
    3. westendgirl
      Oh good. Enjoy it!

      Adios. :)
    4. westendgirl
      haha, I am all for that!
      ahh, so you did, then.
      So how is work/your daughter?
    5. westendgirl
      LOL, yes it does. :D I LOVE that gif, and I had to have it somewhere in my sig/profile.
      I'm doing okay. It's a Monday, my least favourite day of the week.
      Like the avatar!
    6. oye terence
      oye terence
      have a good one! and im not so young myself,i turned 32 this last january.
      it was 6 series and a couple specials,over here they only sell series one and two so far,so it was good i had the super dvd player.
      take care!
    7. Corrissey
      Well then...
    8. Corrissey
      nice avatar :cool: :horny: :D
    9. oye terence
      oye terence
      oh,see i bought all regions dvd player a while back,so i bought the complete series off the bbc website,its great as alot of bands i and shows i like are only available in the U.k. so i can watch dvds fro mall over the globe.

      its a odd ending.

      yeah,I am not sure if its nice or not to be compared to him,but I like him so its okay,my day has been uneventful,which is how i like it.
    10. oye terence
      oye terence
      haha,anyone who knows me and knows that show says the same about me.:D I watched the final episode again this morning :tears:,and whatever,I used to use my pic as my avatar,not my fault other people thought it was someone else because no one could be that attractive and like Morrissey.:p I am are you?
    11. Skinner

      I sure do. Thank you :D
    12. Skinner
      Best avitar ever!!! :D:clap:
    13. EPbabe
      Thanks sweetheart, I've just replied to it!
    14. hatfull
      that's cool! i like it!
    15. Corrissey
      Thanks, cornelius! That's a great way to start my day!
      You could say my Who obsession is peaking lately =o)

      Hope you are well - happy weekend to you!
    16. MunchyBrain
      Yeah, it was amazing, lived up to first-Moz-show expectations. :D
    17. MunchyBrain
      I wasn't actually plastic, it was sort of fluffy. I tried to throw it at him, but I was too pathetic and it landed between the crowd and the stage. :(
    18. chica
      Hello Mr Blaze! Would you help me with my research? I'd like to know if it's hanging to the left or to the right. Thanks in advance! :D
    19. bysshe
    20. Buzzetta
      I loved Indy IV. I "got it". The movie was not set in the 30's so it was not structured or written as an action serial. It was written to have elements of the 50's B Movies that made up the time period. It had to have aliens. In short those that complained over parts such as traveling over three water falls were quick to forget that it was okay falling out of an airplane gliding down the Himalayas and into the jungles on nothing more than a raft back in Temple of Doom.

      Point was I brought 100 middle school kids on a field trip to see it in the city. They ate it up. They were humming the Raiders march on the way out and were overheard saying "Did you see the part when..." Right there that told me that if they walked out of the movie with the same astonishment that I did back in 1989 after seeing The Last Crusade back when I was in middle school, that the movie succeeded.
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    Archangel risin' on the moon
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    'Til she wipes them all away