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  • Hello! Thanx for accepting my friend request! You know your 2 websites were THE source of info I went to when I 1st got heavily into Morrissey/the Smiths! Excellent job as always! Some of the 1st photos and intvs I got from there! I love your cute pun from "Still Ill" regarding your homestate! below your 1984 pic/avatar of SPM :) I can just imagine the amount of Smiths and Morrissey stuff you must have in your massive collection! WOWEE! Having been a fan for soo long! Glad to know ya, hee, hee! I've only been collecting for 6 yrs since 2003 but I think I've done pretty well considering! xxxKarrie
    Hey stranger!! How are you? I went to call you today and I must have lost your phone number. I switched phones recently and lost a lot of numbers. ARGH! Anyway, are you up for Morrissey/Smiths night this Friday at Delilah's? Would love to see you and catch up!!

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