The simple things you see are all complicated. I look pretty young but im just back dated. Hey Im Craig. Im 29 and I JUST got my master's degree in History. I was born in Brooklyn and live on Staten Island. I am 1/2 Sicilian from my mothers side & I am a 1/4 Norwegian, 1/6th Swedish and 1/8th British from my Pop's side. As a child, I was picked on and made fun of for being an oddball and all sorts of things, all the time but I still had lots of friends...At 29, very little has changed . I have more friends than I could ever ask for (or have time for!) and Im still the oddball!. I always try and treat any and everyone as best as I can and how I would like to be treated. I have the imagination and naievete of a 7 year old. I am like a big child lol I eat sleep and drink music-- Any free time I have I try to listen to any of my 1500 cds or go to a show. I love Early rock n roll/rockabilly/early country music the British Invasion, Britpop,Glam Rock, Punk/Postpunk/Alternative , & especially I cant live without 60s Soul/Stax/Motown!!---Being a History major, I like everything just a little out of date-I guess--i love old-cars, music, books,movies,sports figures-you name it-- I guess You cant escape history, it's all around you AND I just havent quite caught up with it yet. Im always hopeful but discontent and like Bob Dylan said: ' Im all over the place...Im happy, Im sad, up, down, in, out, up in the sky, and down in the depths of the earth.' Some word associations I am: ' Pure of heart, Thoughtful, amiable, musical, Often passive, overly analytical, moody, always sympathetic, overly sensitive(im a big baby), conscientious, introspective, idealistic, prone to panic depression and self deprication, often indecisive, philosophical, Democratic, quiet but witty(especially when alcohol is involved), perfectionist, low-key, patient, supportive, detail conscious, orderly, organized, peace-seeking!

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Music, Concerts, Movies, Association football, Cars, Books Daydreaming, Exercise, Reading, Karaoke,
Sep 6, 1981 (Age: 39)
Staten Island, New York, United States
master of history...still looking...meantime-banke


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