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  • oh nevermind then,i had just been photographing and cataloging my past art projects,one which was inspired by those pieces.
    i had totally forgotten my "communist" period.:p
    do you happen to enjoy communist propaganda/art from the early 20th century? or have you seen any?:D

    (there is a point to this.)
    well i do not really buy into star signs, and i certainly do not follow horoscopes, i was just joking that they tend to always say that about my star sign.
    i notice you are no longer using smilie faces, are you trying to make a point?:D
    and you must surely know that all those born under the aquarius sign tend to always contradict themselves constantly,well to others, just not themselves.:p
    this is very true ,i could get new neighbors that are far worse, i just hope that the ones moving are not know as XXXcockmasterXXX,i would miss seeing that name when ever i search for a wireless signal.:(:p
    why did she not take it? that is silly.perfection is nearly impossible..
    and as for the pm i understand it and i understand my opinions and i suppose that is really all that matters.:D
    my neighbors may be moving ,this makes me very excited.:p
    well i thought it was funny, she is completely insane but its a good excuse,i would find her not guilty.:p

    how was school?
    how are you up or why are you up?:eek:
    i had tea so im wired,and i actually thought about all this and i was almost going to try and explain clearly,via a pm but then i said nah,she dont care.:p
    you do what you want to do,and if that makes you happy then that i s all that matters,and i may just be a virtual friend but if you are happy then i am happy for you.

    there, a very vanilla typical answer from terence.:p
    haha noooooo!!!!

    its rational,okay? there,i said it,you are a very rational person, and so is your reasoning.

    i meant it becomes irrational if it causes you to not do things you really want to do,which you do not.that is all i am saying,so as long as you are happy with your thoughts and actions and it does not hold you back from what you wish then go for it ,tiger.:p
    its rational not to want one,i think it becomes irrational when it comes to how you protect yourself from it,being safe and cautious is one thing,yes i know you can get one even being safe, but you can also get hit by a crashing plane and die.or hit by a car,get cancer,you get my point?

    but again,it is your life, even if i thought you were a freak,who cares?
    i do not,and i dont feel like being nice but obviously i enjoy talking to you so i have a high regard for you.:)
    okay, fair enough, as long as it is not long as it does not cause other problems,okay, then i can see that
    and i understand that,perhaps i just had an image of someone never leaving their house ever and never even trying for 50 years and being a hermit.:p
    i am more understanding though than you give me credit for.:D
    its cooler than that here,but it feel hotter,its muggy and humid out.
    my only point on fearing getting an std as a reason to abstain ,just leads to unhealthy thoughts i think,one should not let fear control,that is what i mean.
    and seriously i should know,if you want an honest open opinion about fear,i will tell you.
    if you want to take the ultra super black and white line,then yes it is out of the norm to think along those lines and thus freakish,but i dont think that way so i did not think you were a freak.
    is that what you are driving at?

    here is another bad one:

    What is a pirate's favorite type of music?
    Arr and B!

    so bad,sorry.:p
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