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  • it is 10:30 here! i will be up another 5 hours easy.i go through periods of a lot of sleep then days without sleep, its always been a struggle.ever since my car accident,i get terrible migraines and i will be up all night, or i will fall asleep and then have slight jitters of movements and wake up, that's nerve damage for you.:rolleyes:
    i would say though ,that you are up very late!:D
    new zealand would be good,i will use you there to,for an excuse to take a trip.:p
    free floor space.:p
    i like the sound of new zealand, and why because of the olympics? or is that just a good date to aim for?
    and if you do ever move to the states btw, i was not joking i do have connections,i have a cousin in immigration, i could have you either allowed in faster or not allowed in the country.:p
    i dont wanna be homeless,this was my families house! where woudl me and the puppies go?:tears:
    think of the puppies!
    so i guess no bet, but if you are ever homeless you can take on of the free.
    just do not bother me.:p
    yes,i am a warmhearted soul
    haha, my house?!? but you would not like that, as i would be here.:p
    and even i was not here, i do not know if you would appreciate this area, you would be bored, you are always bored but you would really be bored. cape cod is lonely :tears:
    unless you are married or old.not terence old but actual retirement old.
    though only 45 minutes drive to boston, you could retrace the steps ally and jordan took.:p

    rest of your plan sounds very nice,i would be very jealous.
    of course i own it!, and there would have to be a time limit, you could not message 6 years from now saying "hey terry! i moved to australia!"

    and you would have to stay there for a certain amount of time.

    no wait,i sense some kind of scam,and i need a house to live in.:p
    i even got to go over there and stay with her family for a month in the summer.
    i should have expected the sarcasm,i cant tell you anything! :tears::p

    i will bet my house though you wont move there.:D
    climate is key,and they are very left in their politics,so both places could be a good idea for you.
    my first crush ever was from wit ha girl from australie,she came over here, in 5th grade and spent the whole year here,we stayed penpals for years.:)
    you do not have to porkchop! i saved them when you posted them,well the two big ones.with all the pics.
    or do they come all separate? haha do i need them? :eek::p
    i have been action more so than usual.i don't feel weird,just not hungry at all.sometimes i do not eat when i am depressed,but i am not depressed either.oh well.:rolleyes:
    i have not really had anything to eat in days minus a few crackers.i have no appetite,it is a little alarming to be honest.:eek:
    will you stop being difficult! :p
    there is completely no reason for you to be mad at me, but if you enjoy being mad at me then fine, i cant change that.:rolleyes::p
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