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  • nighty night.
    you will have to elaborate on the meal tomorrow,i figured you would be gorging on many types of animal.:p
    and i just noticed you changed my screen name to my "real" name.awww.
    hahaha,its my away message,they generally make no sense but that one has been up since the other night,remember i was fixing pants?:p
    its scary how you posted that! i am scared now,like you are stalking your prey!
    have a horrible sleep with many nightmares please.:p
    hahah,nah that is too far a journey for you to kill me, you would just scold me and be mean.would you shoot to kill? :eek::p
    well if she is traditional then yes RED hair would probably cause a stir.;)
    you just proved my point! i win.for once.:p

    i was going to post this the other day, they are just so timely for everything!:p

    hey, a tleast i do not race to my bed in hopes one of them is not laying in the middle of the bed, of cant sit down at my desk or another chair because it is being used by a kitty or puppy.:mad::p
    i had to bring my dogs to the pet store they like to visit to get their nails done,they are treated like royalty there:p
    and even though they got treats and lots of love from the clerks there,they came home mad as its pouring out and they got soaked in the rain:rolleyes:

    some people are never happy.:rolleyes::p
    its okay! what family i have like to ask me if i am gay every time i see them ,then go on about how horrible gay people are!:rolleyes:
    and what are they mad about, your hair is red not pink.:p
    i have to go out for a bit so you cant be mean anyways ,you would get all worked for nothing.:D
    i shall return,if you are on then,maybe you will have built up the rage and can take it out on me.:p
    yes you may, even those mean bunnies but then maybe i wont share the pics i was taking of the real bunnies in my yard.:cool:
    who said i wanted friends or anyone anyways? you are actually right, i cant stand most vegans, they are too intense and serious,like just seriously relax.:rolleyes::p
    i hope you have a good day.
    later skater :)
    feeling better about what?:confused:
    if you hate me you hate me,not much i can do about that,i will just try and not bother you.i did not know you hated me this whole time,but oh well.
    id say date older then, by the time they hit 30 or so, if they are still single that means that yes half of them suck, but the other half have been totally destroyed by other females and would probably follow all orders.:p

    i speak from experience.:p
    if that is what you want or like then why not.
    so you want some man that life has totally defeated and crippled emotionally?:p
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