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  • i noticed, but knew what you meant,well in the areas you mentioned,i am not sure about water temp but yeah the ocean can be cold!
    you will also have some waves to deal with and with that area,sharks as well.
    i wont use a public pool,i find those gross,i have no problem with using my own pool,that only i and a few select people get to use.:D
    it is hard to set goals when you really do not have to .my best friend moved to california about a year ago and is always trying to get me to move there,would not even really cost me,but i dunno.:rolleyes:
    some like salt water,some do not,i cant say i am a huge fan,but a couple trips to the beach every summer is usually enjoyable,i have the luxury of a pool,i love swimming in the pool.:D

    well i would also do more research then hotstuff.
    live you have an idea on a career? things like that effect moving to,some places better than others for certain jobs.

    i would love to just move somewhere and just come home and use this place as like a summer place,but i am a coward and never move far away. :rolleyes:
    haha! :p

    i think i would just kill myself,honestly.:D

    you looking at other reasons to move as well,or is this all just based on climates?
    i am surprised we did not, she is one of those types that thinks the male should do everything, which i was fine with as she was a horrid cook and never had money.i had to buy her dinner on my birthday one year.:rolleyes::p

    enjoy your fish.i am making tacos !
    you should be jealous.
    in a while,crocodile!:)
    oooh,what kind fish? was it caught in a local pond? if you are trying to make me disgusted ,you cant with meat jokes.i used to have to cook it for the ex.:)

    i had a fish joke but you already heard it.:(

    i am lethargic,i never drink anymore and when i do its only a drink or two,not last night.:rolleyes:
    no way!
    i always sent our drunk messages,either via the cell or the internet,not like i said anything bad.:p

    good evening young lady, how are you?
    i was a bad boy tonight ivanarama,and got drunk,so this is the moz solo version of me drunk texting you to say hello.


    you can block me,its okay.:(:p
    "done here" makes it sound like one of your daily jobs of tormenting, from one to another.:p

    farewell and so long.
    aww man!:mad:

    if you saw my closet you would really think i am nuts.:p
    such a waste as i wear the same things all the time to,and never really go anywhere that requires me to even look decent.:rolleyes::p
    oh god that is nightmarish.:eek:
    its not forced i dont have to do anything i do not want to,but suit yourself:D
    i will just buy myself more shoes,i have over 40 pairs.:o:p
    if you really wanted a gift for your birthday,then sure why not.:p
    a fool with his money can be generous,i am not always selfish.and i get off easy as i generally do not have to buy anyone anything.
    one plus being alone in the world.:p
    now you are just pushing it.:rolleyes::p
    you could have had some nice new trainers for birthday/christmas but nope you dared to push it.
    your birthday is what? oh aha it is right there,hmm,november 1st....
    you are a scorpio,i should have known.:rolleyes:
    white ones huh? haha
    what kind of trainers? dare i ask. i am a big footwear person, i judge people on what type of shoe they wear.
    too bad you turned down the allowance ,you would have had enough by now.:p
    spices are a key in vegan meals,i have many,i use many.
    i know! i was making a bad joke!:D
    well it may be waste,i dunno.what else could i have spent 130 dollars on?
    mustard makes most things taste better,what was it,you mentioned it was vegan other than the cat,so i dont think it was really vegan.:eek::p

    oh noes,though i some how think that maybe vanilla ivanarama is probably like cherry nirvana for other people.

    i have to wait two to three weeks now as they are booked and gave me a back up date. i paid for the big package,full pics and dvd and online video,so everyone will see me in mental agony and deep fear.:p
    I am A-okay
    other than the dumb weather not allowing me to go challenge death face to face.:mad::p
    how was this supposed vegan meal you had? and how was your day?:)
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