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Jan 13, 2016
May 3, 2006
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Nov 1, 1983 (Age: 35)

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Jan 13, 2016
    1. oye terence
      oye terence
      i dunno about passive aggressive,i did say i thought it was mean,and i said annoyed me for 10 minutes and then it passed.,perhaps i am wrong but i believe you were not trying to be completely mean as you did say in the way you did,maybe you do think i am stupid,i dont really know.but being upset passes and oh well,whatever.
      not a big deal.

      here, a truly awful joke for you:

      Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
      Because they can spend years at C!

      that is a bad one ,sorry! :p
    2. oye terence
      oye terence
      and i am sorry i do not use faces sometimes,i keep forgetting you use that as gauge for passive aggressive behavior.

      :D (there i put one)
    3. oye terence
      oye terence
      you can be whatever you wish, and i can react however i want.
      my old roomate used like when his g/f would dress up in a maids outfit,i caught this once.:eek:(i just saw your post)

      "sally" once dressed up for me and i was like "this is silly" i guess i am not into role playing.:rolleyes::p
    4. oye terence
      oye terence
      well whatever, forget about it.
      not a big deal.:)

    5. oye terence
      oye terence
      how kind and sweet you are.:rolleyes::p
      i was not offended,i said i thought it was mean,and i have already said you were mean so its all okay ;)
    6. oye terence
      oye terence
      aww, that is sad ,i have faith and confidence you could find more things,but you do not have to use them.not now anyways.:tears:
    7. oye terence
      oye terence
      i know what they are,i am not new to the know,though clearly my stupidity may seem to make it look like i was.;)
      have anything else mean to say tonight or would you rather save it for tomorrow or another day?:p
    8. oye terence
      oye terence
      do not worry about it,not that you would.
      we all have our opinions.:D
    9. oye terence
      oye terence
      no you meant it, and that is okay,you can think what you want.and no one needs to be nice, it is not a rule.
    10. oye terence
      oye terence
      that was not very nice.
    11. oye terence
      oye terence
      you are giving me a headache,:p
    12. oye terence
      oye terence
      well everyone is shallow in their own way.:D
    13. oye terence
      oye terence
      fine, then if you want a black and white answer, a yes or no then yes ALL relationships are based on sex.
      happy now?
    14. oye terence
      oye terence
      i am not uncomfortable ya jerk.:p
      perhaps i am being defensive, but i feel saying sex equals relationship sounds harsh to me, but i think being sexually compatable is important in that is part of an over all picture.
      those lines are sometimes hard to figure out,sometimes you have just met someone who should be a good friend and vice versa
      perhaps i am not explaining my outlook correctly,whatever.:p
    15. oye terence
      oye terence
      and im not talking about this anymore.:p
    16. oye terence
      oye terence
      it would really depend on the situation to be honest.sure if i met someone tomorrow night and they said"well i dont have sex", it may be a negative factor,but who knows, if they were a truly amazing person,those things can be worked around.
      i dunno, it has never really been an issue.
      sex is not that important,it is like 3 or 4 on a list of 5 things i could name off the top of my head,maybe not even there,but i also know it can be a factor for other things,i went through a period with one ex for about 4 months i did not want sex and they kept thinking i was cheating,which i was not.
      i am not asexual so why would i date one,that makes no sense, if they did not have sex because of religious reasons i would not date them also as im not religious,if it was a health or medical things,i think that would be a factor i may think differently about
      when i go into a serious relationship,i am serious about it and looking for something real and long term,so if tow people are not compatable then why date each other,i dont see any bad logic in that..
    17. oye terence
      oye terence
      i would not flee! you are incorrect in that assumption, and you are free to think what you think.
    18. oye terence
      oye terence
      its a part of them yes!!!!! oh i hate you.:p
      so difficult.
    19. oye terence
      oye terence
      sex is a healthy part of most relationships, ,now if both parties are both asexual that is a different matter, but i do not believe anyone who is not asexual would date someone who is asexual for a very long period of time.
      i mean it is possible, and not the all important thing but it is generally a factor in a healthy relationship.
    20. oye terence
      oye terence
      and my over all point i was trying to make it not to live in fear of things.dont do things out of fear, do them or not do them if you want to or you do not want to.

      i think that is a good rule to live life by.
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