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  • Hahaha, we have too many dramas. :p

    bikie is going to have a baby in December!!
    I feel like a grand mother. :o
    Wow. It so good to see you here. You have been a big loss from this place.

    I tend to have that effect on people and i still don't realise my own worth. it's sad really..:)

    Maybe you could PM me your email address so that i could keep in touch with you if you're not going to be around.

    I don't meet people like you everyday you know...:)
    please chica come back and post at least once, see people think you stopped posting because i was let back
    if this is so, let me know
    and i will stop posting....
    oh no no no, i am not your spokesperson, if anyone asks me i will lie, but it wont be good lies, it may involve jail time, marriage, stds and a strange hungarian man.i will be creative.:D
    that could be exciting other than all the threats of murder.they have capital punishment in california ,in case you did not know.:p
    i have swam i n the atlantic and the pacific.
    but it all depends on the climate too and location, say if you are in bermuda,still the atlantic,the water is much i dont think you would have to worry with that ocean anyways.:)
    correct! and we have not fallen off and floated out to sea.
    i am actually really proud of that.are leading two congressmen are also out of the closet..
    if i was to live anywhere iit would be san francisco as all my old friends live there including my best friend or montreal,but that is only because of the hot french canadian women and their accents.:p
    what is that supposed to mean?:p
    well if i was gay,massachusetts actually has better laws protecting gays,and allows gay marriage and benifits.:)
    we are a good breed.usually.:D
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