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  • Happy St. Stephen's Day, as it is in my neck of the woods. ;) Hope you had a very merry Christmas!
    Thank you very much! Sorry for delay, I'm just back from some Christmassy fun in Liverpool. :thumb: I'll have to attempt to round up a few other sensitive souls for 10th of April!
    Hope you enjoy the festive season!
    Aye come along! You have to dance tho. Its snowing in Glasgow today - is it snowing at your bit? I'm off to see The Pet Shop Boys tonight but maybe walking home is not a good idea...x
    Some guys I know do an indie club night - was a good laugh last year so as long as I can get everyone on board then thats what we are doing. As you can tell I'm the appointed party planner of the group...! You?x
    Oh aye New Year is rubbish - always a big letdown I think. Thats not very Scottish of me is it?!x
    Night shift? Is that where all the eligible men are?!! Poor you - hope you get some decent xmas time off? Thursday is my last day off until Xmas Day - expect grumpy posts!x
    Pfft they are a myth like unicorns! I got lots of nice presents, drank lots of cocktails and went out dancing - twas fun. Today I have the post-birthday blues (read "hangover") though so watching Elf with a cuppa...x
    Dont be daft love - when you get to our age and all that...! Had a good one actually even though I was working....x
    I never thought I would be sentimental about the 90's but I have been rediscovering loads of stuff recently. Don't forget to listen to Mover!x
    Aw! I loved Drugstore! They used to play all the time - saw them at loads of festivals. i haven't listened to them in years though...
    Aye he thinks hes Bono - another twat. That NME tour was poor - Shack were brilliant though. Right I'm off to bed - need to restore my gig-going energy! Nice talking to youx
    They were never heard of again! Bizarrely I saw them on the NME tour of 99(?) and missed the first band due to my messing about beforehand and being late. T'was Coldplay - my ex never forgave me! (A good a reason as any to make him my ex I think...) Thats Shack - always the bridesmaid...
    Of course! HMS Fable is one of the most underrated albums of the 90s - I bloody love it. And it has a song with my name in - there's not many!! (Actually Stephen Duffy had one I just remembered! I digress...) Eh yes Shack/Pale Fountains/Michael Head, love itx
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