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  • Oh yes, they really are. I mean, you would of thought they'd of tried to disguise their Oasis and Ian Brown rip-off a little more. Shit, pure pure shit.
    I do, I do. BF is another nut so it's hard to escape that miserable git anywhere.
    Have gone more twee though.
    What about you, still listening?
    Yeah I'm fine, I'm on holiday (still in Glasgow, sadly) so just sitting around most of the time. Best try to do something useful soon.
    Very much liking these albums by the way.
    I bought the Carolina Chocolate Drops album 'Genuine Negro Jig' completely at random whilst scouring in Action Records so I'm really into them at the moment. Hatcham Social. Harlem and Jaga Jazzist.
    Aren't you a Beach House fan?
    Likewise, a bloody pleasure! Ta' very much for the friend request. Heard any good bands lately? R. x
    Hi Lovely, still Beach House obsessed eh?! I'm a bit stuck in the past these days - got the Neil Young Archive box so working through the 120+ tracks and blurays like a real saddo.... Also enjoying the Fionn Regan album and Low Anthem although I know that came out aaaagggeeesss ago but I'm a bit slow:)
    Hello Charlie, haven't been frequenting these parts of late, mainly due to the terrible striiiife in my liiife. It's my burden to bear. I shall certainly take your advice, I'm in dire need of some semi-modern music in my life. :) Hope you're well! xx
    Ah i missed them also - too much going on just now. I'm good, just working/sleeping - looking forward to getting back on the gig circuit, if i can keep my energy up - it's a bit cold and I'm getting older by the minute :)
    Working New Years Day - thats rubbish. Retail aint so bad - at least we close sometimes! New Year is always a disappointment anyway - if I get a dance to a bit of Smiths I'll be happy enough!
    Ah SuBo, a local hero/weirdo, they are ten a penny around here but apparently folk were going crazy for her in Japan this week...! I can't be bothered going out for New Year cos its snowing again but I'm sure I'll be in the party mood tomorrow night after work. I did hear the club I'm going to had 8 stabbings on Saturday night though so my festive cheer has been knocked a little off kilter! What you up to?x
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